List of longest serving Chief Ministers in India

India is a union of state of 28 states and 9 union territories. There are 31 chief ministers in 28 states and 3 Union territories (Dehli, Puducherry, and JK). Mr. Pawan Kumar Chamling (Sikkim) became the longest-serving (24 years, 165 days) CM in the country.
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Pawan Kumar Chamling
Pawan Kumar Chamling

As the Prime Minister is the head of the central government in the same way the Chief Minister of a state is the head of the state. Article 164 of the Constitution envisages that the Chief Minister (CM) shall be appointed by the Governor.

The usual tenure of the CM is 5 years but there are many Chief Ministers in India who have served many years as the CM of a state.

Before June 2019, former Chief Minister of West Bengal Mr. Jyoti Basu was the longest-serving Chief Minister of India. He served 23 years, 137 days as the CM of West Bengal but on June 10, 2019; the record of longest-serving CM of the state was changed.

Basu ji had served the post from 21 June 1977 to 6 November 2000. Now, Pawan Kumar Chamling (Sikkim) became the longest-serving (24 years, 165 days) CM in the country.

Here is the list of longest-serving CMs of India;

Name of Chief Minister



1.  Pawan Kumar Chamling


24 years, 165 days

2. Jyoti Basu

West Bengal 

23 years, 137 days

3. Gegong Apang

Arunachal Pradesh

22 years, 8 months, 5days

4. Lal Thanhawla


21 years, 38 days

5. Virbhadra Singh

Himachal Pradesh

21 years

6. Manik Sarkar


19 years, 363 days

7. Naveen Patnaik


19 years, 112 days

8. M. Karunanidhi

Tamil Nadu

18 years, 293 days

9. Yashwant Singh Parmar

Himachal Pradesh

18 years, 30 days

10. Parkash Singh Badal


17 years, 261 days

11. Mohan Lal Sukhadia


17 years, 175 days

12. Pratapsingh Rane


15 Years, 250 Days

13. S. C. Jamir


15 years, 200 days

14. Sheila Dikshit


15 years, 25 days

15. Okram Ibobi Singh


15 years, 8 days

16. Tarun Gogoi


15 years, 7 days

17. Raman Singh


15 years, 4 days

18. Sri Krishna Sinha


14 years, 304 days

19. Bidhan Chandra Roy

West Bengal

14 years, 159 days

20. J. Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu

14 Years, 126 Days

21. N. Chandrababu Naidu

Andhra Pradesh

13 Years, 230 Days

22. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh

13 years, 17 days

23. Bimala Prasad Chaliha


12 years, 313 days

24. Narendra Modi


12 years, 227 days

25. Nitish Kumar


12 Years, 32 Days


Note: The tenure of the chief ministers is not consecutive. The tenure refers to the total time he/she has held the office in different sessions of assemblies.

About the longest-serving Chief Minister of States

Pawan Kumar Chamling has broken the record of the Jyoti Basu as the longest-serving Chief Minister of any state in India. Pawan Kumar was first sworn in as CM of Sikkim on 12 December 1994 and holding this post since then continuously.

The Founder and President of the Sikkim Democratic Front, Pawan Kumar governed the state for five successive terms since 1994. His total time as the Chief Minister has become 24 years, 205 days.

Jyotirindra Basu has served as the 6th Chief Minister of West Bengal from 1977 to 2000. He remained the Chief Minister for the period of 23 years, 137 days.

So this was the list of all the longest-serving Chief Ministers in India.

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