Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024 - Download Syllabus PDF for class 12th

Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024: Students of class 12th from Maharashtra Board can check the Economics Syllabus for 2024 here. Also, get the download link to the PDF of the syllabus.

Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus
Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus

Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024: Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary Syllabus for Economics Subject is available for Class 12th. The new curriculum of Economics for Class 12th of Maharashtra Board has been designed to teach students about the nature of the Indian Economy, Problems of Population Explosion, Poverty, Unemployment, and Measures that should be taken for these problems. Maharashtra Board HSC Economics subject is divided into Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics.

Students preparing for the Economic Class 12th board examination can view and download here the Maharashtra Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024.

Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024 for Class 12th:



Section A: Micro Economics

Chapter 1: Introduction to Micro Economics

Chapter 2: Consumers behavior

Chapter 3: a. Analysis of Demand b. Elasticity of Demand

Chapter 4: Analysis of Supply

Chapter 5: Types of Market & Price determination under Perfect competition

Chapter 6: Factors of Production

Section B: Macro Economics

Chapter 7: Introduction to Macro Economics

Chapter 8: National Income

Chapter 9: Determinants of Aggregates

Chapter 10: Money

Chapter 11: Commercial Bank

Chapter 12: Central Bank

Chapter 13: Public Economics


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Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024: Download Syllabus PDF for class 12th

Economics Topics for Project (20 Marks)

The list of projects provided in the syllabus as guideline:

1) Visit any cottage industry and collect information about its income and expenses.
2) Visit some families and note down observations regarding how utility of different commodities is subjective and relative.
3) Prepare a chart for Marginal Utility and Total Utility of any commodity consumed by you.
4) Comparative study of individual demand schedules of any one commodity of two families.
5) Visit a grocery shop and collect information about changes in demand and changes in price of wheat for the period of 5 months.
6) Visit retailers of any commodity & collect information about prices & supply.
7) Collect information about prices charged for toothpaste, bathing soap etc. by different firms under monopolistic competition.
8) An interview of an entrepreneur.
9) An interview of skilled and unskilled labour engaged in different sectors.
10) Survey of people using credit cards & debit cards.
11) Visit any Commercial Bank & collect information about its functioning.
12) Collect information of different Banking instruments like cheques, demand drafts, etc.
13) Collect information about E-Banking
14) Collect information about changes in the policies of Reserve Bank of India.
15) Collect information of the current budget from newspaper.

Economics can be studied as an elective subject by Students of Commerce, Arts as well as Science stream. The 100 marks weightage for Economics subject is 80 marks for Theory paper and 20 marks for Practicals/Oral/Projects.

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