MAT February 2013: Logical Reasoning Question Paper

MAT is conducted four times in a year. Upcoming MAT is scheduled in December 2014. Practice with Logical Reasoning question paper from February 2013 MAT Question paper.

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MAT February 2013 Logical Reasoning Question Paper
MAT February 2013 Logical Reasoning Question Paper

MAT is conducted four times in a year. In order to practice for the upcoming MAT, take a glance at the previous year paper and practice the Logical Reasoning section from February 2013 MAT Question paper.

Previous Year Papers gives the best overview of the expected pattern of the exam. As an MBA aspirant it is advisable that you do not miss a chance to master these questions. There are even some chances for the questions getting repeated on the similar lines. A dab hand at these questions will help you solve the questions quickly and save time to dedicate for other sections as well.

In order to make you efficient at the final day we have brought here the Analytical and Logical reasoning section from the MAT exam conducted in February 2013. It has 40 questions in it. The question paper comes with the Answer keys.
You can go through the question paper here to know fully about the level and nature of questions asked in the MAT Examination. It will help you in preparation.

Q1. Pointing to a lady, Chouhan said “she is the only daughter of my father in law’s wife”. How is this lady related to Chouhan?

1) Mother

2) Wife

3) Cousin

4) Sister

Answer: 2

Q2. Sohan said to Mohan “this girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. How is Sohan related to this girl?

1) Grandfather

2) Father

3) Husband

4) Father-in-law

Answer: 4

Q3. Pointing to a lady, Rishi said “the son of her brother, is the brother of my wife”. How is this lady related to Rishi?

1) Mother-in-law

2) Mother’s Sister

3) Sister of father-in-law

4) None of these

Answer: 3

Q4. There are five books, A, B, C, D and E. Book C lies above D. Book E is below A; D is above A and B is below E. Which book is at the bottom?

1) E

2) B

3) A

4) C

Answer: 2

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Q5.A one-rupee coin is placed on a Palin paper. How many coins of the same size can be placed around it so that each one touches the central and adjacent coins?

1) 4

2) 3

3) 7

4) 9

Answer: 4

Q6. Five students participated in the scholarship examination. Sudha scored higher than Puja. Kavita scored lower than Suma but higher than Sudha. Mamta scored between Puja and Sudha. Who scored lowest in the examination?

1) Kavita

2) Puja

3) Mamta

4) Sudha

Answer: 2

Direction (Q7-Q10): Each of these questions has an Assertion (A) and a reason (R). Mark answers as:

1) If both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true and ‘R’ is the correct explanation of ‘A’

2) If both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true but ‘R’ is not the correct explanation of ‘A’

3) If ‘A’ is true but ‘R’ is false

4) If ‘A’ is false but ‘R’ is true

Q7. Assertion (A): Copper is used to make electrical wires

Reason (R): Copper is a good conductor of electricity

Answer: 1

Q8. Assertion (A): India is a democracy;

Reason (R): People elect their own representative who form the government

Answer: 1

Q9. Assertion (A): India celebrates its independence day on 15th August

Reason (R): India became independent on 15th August 1947

Answer: 1

Q10. Assertion (A): In India 2nd October is observed as ‘Martyr’s Day’

Reason (R): Pt. Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India

Answer: 4

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