MBA at FMS: Student Internships | Importance of MBA Internships

FMS Delhi explain the importance of MBA internship for MBA students. They also highlight how internships have helped in their personal and professional development at FMS.

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MBA internships have become an important and integrated part of management education. Internships marks the first interaction between the students and their future employers i.e. corporates. MBA Internships are also considered to be a very crucial part of the curriculum in management education, as they equip the students with the practical know-how about the industry. The students from FMS Delhi explain the importance of MBA internship for MBA students. They also highlight how internships have helped in their personal and professional development at FMS.

Shubhangi Jain

As per Shubhangi MBA internships are a must because of the following benefits they offer:

  1. Hands on experience: MBA internship offers hands on experience to those who are new to the corporate life. Students get a chance to experience the job role in which they will be expected to work two years down the line.
  2. Increases overall horizon: Students pursuing the summer internship also experience a widening horizon in terms of thinking and analytical skills. With an exposure to the corporate environment, the decision making ability also improves.
  3. Bridge Knowledge Gap: Internship helps in bridging the practical knowledge versus theoretical knowledge gap among the aspirants.

Razin Basheer

Razin, an FMS student shares why students should take summer internship programme at FMS Delhi seriously. As per him internship is helpful in following ways:

  • Gaining experience of the corporate job in the area where you wish to work even before the completion of MBA program.
  • Get a basic idea of financial, marketing consultant, operations domain.
  • Students get to prepare for the internship interview which normally happens 3-2 months after session commences. These interviews also prepare students for the Job Interview for which they have to appear during placements.
  • Internship helps in grabbing a pre-placement offer.

Rahul Philip

Another FMS student, Rahul Philip says that MBA internships are integral for a student's career because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Student gets to actually work on a management role that will develop his/her understanding about the expectations from them once they are on the job.
  • It becomes easy to decide if a person with prior work experience wants to switch his/her domain preference only when they have attended the MBA internship with dedication.
  • Students can also build familiarisation with the culture of the organisation and potential job role that will be offered to them. MBA internship is the best way to understand whether company is a good culture fit for you or whether role itself actually to your aptitudes and interest in your life.
  • MBA Internship also enhances decision making prospective among the job seekers.


The cultural secretary of FMS, Leena told us that MBA Internship are important for all the students irrespective of the fact whether they possess work experience or are a fresher.

MBA internship with help you in making decision on these lines:

  • Where you want to be in future
  • What kinds of things you don’t want to do
  • Clear goal in your life
  • If you have already work experience you understand the taste of again corporate culture

Shivani Joshi

Shivani Joshi, a bright student from FMS Delhi says that internship in MBA are more useful for fresher because they don’t have any experience previously. However, students with work-ex should also focus on it because they have not been assigned multiple roles previously.

She illustrated this opinion with an example saying "an IT professional never got a chance to work in finance previously. So if you want to be a manager in a particular field, you need to possess that exposure before you actually join the corporate world."

Kumar Ravi

As per Kumar Ravi, MBA internship should be considered as the first point of contact for the student with the corporate world. MBA internship should be considered as a trial period of 2 months where it is at the discretion of the student if they wish to join corporate world after this point of contact or not.

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