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It is a common practice to provide questions on seating arrangement topic in the Logical Reasoning Section. The questions could come in any sequence (such as linear arrangement, circular arrangement, or matrix arrangement). One puzzle on seating arrangement carries around 4-5 questions to test the aptitude of an aspirant. The given below puzzle on seating arrangement aims to sharpen and strengthen your analytical thinking skills.

Take this practise test and analyse how well you can perform in this section.

Circular Arrangement

Direction (1 - 6): Study the following information to answer these questions:

  • Arun, Binoy, Chris, Dinesh, Eklavya, Feroz, Gopal and Harsh are bookies sitting around a round table facing the centre.
  • Dinesh is the neighbor of Arun but not of Harsh.
  • Binoy is the neighbor of Feroz and fourth to the left of Dinesh.
  • Eklavya is the neighbor of Harsh and third to the right of Feroz.
  • Chris is neither the neighbor of Arun nor of Gopal.

1. Which of the following is wrong?

a) Binoy is to the immediate left of Harsh.

b) Harsh is to the immediate left of Eklavya.

c) Dinesh is fourth to the right of Feroz.

d) All are correct

2. Which of the following is correct?

a) Dinesh is to the immediate left of Gopal.

b) Arun is between Chris and Dinesh.

c) Feroz is third to the right of Dinesh.

d) Eklavya is between Harsh and Binoy.

3. Which of the following groups has the second person sitting between the first and the third?

a) Arun- Feroz - Chris

b) Gopal - Arun- Dinesh

c) Binoy - Eklavya - Harsh

d) Harsh - Feroz – Binoy

4. Which of the following pairs has the first person sitting to the immediate right of the second?

a) Binoy - Harsh

b) Feroz - Binoy

c) Eklavya - Gopal

d) Arun- Dinesh

5. Which of the following pairs are fourth to one another?

a) Chris - Eklavya

b) Feroz - Harsh

c) Dinesh- Chris

d) Dinesh -Binoy

6. If Chris and Gopal interchange their positions, which of the following will indicate Arun’s position?

a) To the immediate right of Gopal.

b) Fourth to the right of Chris.

c) Second to the left of Gopal.

d) To the immediate left of Chris.

Linear Arrangement

Directions for (7 – 10):

At the National School of Drama, the following six plays are scheduled in a day as shown below in the table:

S. No



Show Timings


Agni Varsham

1 hour

9:00 am and 2:00 pm



1 hour

10:30 am and 11:30 pm



30 minutes

10:00 am and 11:00 am


Soul of fire

1 hour

10:00 am and 11:00 am


Land where life is good

1 hour

9:30 am, 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm


Rags of Memory

30 minutes

11:00 am and 1:30 pm

You wish to see all the six plays. Further, you wish to ensure that you get a lunch break from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

7. Which of the following play will be shown after Lunch Break?

a) Land where life is good

b) Ramayana

c) Rags of Memory

d) Chitrapata

8. Which of the following play will be shown at 10:00 am?

a) Chitrapata

b) Soul of fire

c) Either Chitrapata or Soul of fire

d) None of the above

9. In which of the following sequence the plays will be shown?

a) Agni Varsham – 1st; Chitrapata – 3rd; and Rags of Memory – 6th.

b) Agni Varsham – 6th; Soul of fire – 3rd; and Land where life is good – 1st.

c) Agni Varsham – 1st; Chitrapata – 3rd; and Ramayana – 4th.

d) Soul of fire – 3rd; Land where life is good – 4th; Rags of Memory – 5th.

10. Which of the following play will be shown last?

a) Agni Varsham

b) Rags of Memory

c) Land where life is good

d) Either Agni Varsham or Land where life is good


Ques 1

Ques 2

Ques 3

Ques 4

Ques 5

Ques 6

Ques 7

Ques 8

Ques 9

Ques 10












Explanation (1 - 6):

Explanation for (7 – 10):      

Show No.

Play Name



Agni Varsham

9:00 am to 10:00 am


Soul of fire

10:00 am to 11:00 am



11:00 am to 11:30 am



11:30 am to 12:30 pm


Lunch Break

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm


Rags of Memory

1:30pm to 2:00 pm


Land where life is good

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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