SBI PO Exam 2017: Vocab Quiz ‘Skill GoI before skill India’

To help you better with the new words and phrases, below is an article was taken from a leading newspaper ‘The Economic Times (dated March 4th, 2017). The difficult words are highlighted in bold along with their synonyms, antonyms, and how they are used in the form of a sentence.

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The importance of having a good vocabulary cannot be ignored. It not only helps in communicating better but also helps in sharpening your reasoning ability. When you lack words while reading something, it automatically shuts down new insights and lines of reasoning. People, on the other hand, who possess the rich amount of vocabulary feels empowered since each new word learned opens a new avenue of thought. According to the famous American writer ‘Philip K. Dick’, “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” Hence, the impact of vocabulary on people’s lives is manifold.

Article: Skill GoI before skill India

Execution has always been India’s bane. Visionary leaders can energise and motivate. But to make the impossible possible, they need to have a bureaucracy excelling in execution.

In the last 20 years, not a single elected government has delivered what it promised in poll manifestos. Corporate India fares better with at least one in 10 companies successful in executing strategy. Governments everywhere have to cope with the complexities of disruptions in the social sector, technology, macroeconomics, and sometimes self-initiated ones like demonetisation.

The cry for accountability and transparency is getting louder. And with dismal failures in execution, India will see many of its flagship programmes lagging behind. It is now time for GoI to do more with less. Skill India is a case in point.

What we need before Skill India is perhaps a Skill Government mission. And, what’s more, in this Budget season, a visionary leader can do this without much fund allocation.

Should governments be in the skilling business at all?

Indeed, it is government’s business to skill government ‘servants’ to execute the mission, improve productivity, take risks, think innovatively, work in teams and build leadership skills. Even as governments try to manoeuvre the execution juggernaut, they venture into building skills of private citizens using private players when their role should be in nurturing an ecosystem by acting as a ‘system integrator.

By GoI’s own admission, the National Skill Development Corporation has failed to deliver on its objective of improving the formal skill training of the population from below 5% in 2009 to anything comparable to that of developed countries (53-92%) till 2013.

The 18% unemployment rate among graduates and above in 2016 is an indicator that the ecosystem of delivering appropriate and quality skills to the jobs being created has not yet happened. Given India’s track record of poor execution in education — and skilling — it is best to focus on improving one’s skills at execution first before driving the skills of others.

 Can I Read and Write?…

Take our primary and secondary education system. The latest Annual Status of Education Report (Aser) shows that only 58% of Class 5 students can read a Class 2 textbook. We are launching more IITs and IIMs. But what about quality educators?

The technical training and teacher training institutes have been failures and need privatisation route to survive. Certain Indian traits need to be kept in mind while driving the way forward. Our ability to execute long term, result-oriented processes is very weak. Even India Inc has been struggling for years to drive R&D and innovation.

The Skill India mission, in this context, needs a better governance system. The Balanced Execution Agenda, for instance, should address financial and non-financial, short- and long-term, tangible and intangible objectives in a systematic manner with linked metrics, targets and a robust review mechanism. This aims at learning and motivating the bureaucracy responsible to deliver even more.

Currently, Skill India activities seem almost like those of a training department of an average company where budgets for training are allocated to building employee capability. In reality, the kind of training availed by the employees most often has nothing to do with the company strategy and is mostly wasted.

An average company does not align training to its strategic objectives. Bureaucracy is not measured for the effectiveness of policy but the elected government is. Bureaucrats are trained to ensure compliance to archaic processes.

Skilling them in execution and measuring them on results will be key in achieving the policy outcomes. If by using a framework like the Balanced Execution Agenda they can be skilled to go beyond mere numbers to creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, skill seekers and trainers, then India will succeed in driving the next wave of development.

The framework will help equip to translate the mission into actionable goals, set metrics, fix targets and align ministries and people to deliver the shared vision.

 …Am I a Computer Disk?

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges risk-taking, he means these kinds of skills with risk mitigation tools.

This will eliminate mediocrity, profiteering, corruption and favouritism that still prevails today. It will also define how and when the government will know it is successful. GoI should mandate its own autonomous body, a Centre for Innovation in Public Systems (Cips), to catch the bureaucrats young at the IAS Academy itself, in addition to bringing skills to experienced officers.

Cips can make use of the CSR funds and NGOs with a similar mission. Budget savings: upwards of Rs 10,000 crore. Elimination of corruption and profiteering from Skill India: 100%. But who wants this, right?

 1.     Dismal (adjective) (निराशाजनक): Dismal refers to phenomena of feeling sad and without hope.

Synonym: Bleak, dreary, gloomy, ghastly

Antonym: Bright, cheerful, encouraging, intelligent

Sentence: The dismal weather made an evening looked like night.

2.     Lagging (noun) (पिछड़ जाना): Lagging is an act of slowing down or falling behind.

Synonym: Backward, underdeveloped, delayed, imbecile

Antonym: Hasty, brisk, prompt, alert

Sentence: The current employment situation is lagging with the quality of skilled manpower.

 3.     Flagship (adjective) (प्रमुख): Flagship refers to the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.

 Synonym: Leader, bellwether, chief, forerunner

 Antonym: Minor, dependent

Sentence: The flagship program launched by the American institute was praised among all and sundry.

 4.     Manoeuvre (noun/verb) (कुशलता): Manoeuvre refers to a movement of series of moves requiring skill and care.

Synonym: Gimmick, manipulation, ploy, ruse

Antonym: Cessation, ignorance, inaction, inactivity

Sentence: The skiers performed daring manoeuvres on the slippery-icy surface.

 5.     Juggernaut (noun) (प्रभावशाली शक्ति): Juggernaut refers to something which is a huge, powerful or an overwhelming force.

 Synonym: Barrage, cavalcade, steamroller, biltz

 Antonym: None.

Sentence: The RTI report exposed the juggernaut of public expenditure spent on the elections.

6.     Robust (adjective) (मजबूत): Robust is something which is strong and healthy.

Synonym: Booming, hardy, hefty, potent

Antonym: Fragile, lethargic, unstable, incapable

Sentence: The chef made a robust list of the ingredientsrequired to make the mouth-watering risotto.

7.     Archaic (adjective) (पुरातन): Archaic refers to something which is very old or old-fashioned.

Synonym: Ancient, antiquated, obsolete, primitive

Antonym: Contemporary, in vogue, modern, current

Sentence: Some of the archaic monuments of India needs immediate restoration.

 8.     Autonomous (adjective) (स्वतन्त्र): Autonomous refers to the state of self-governing, independent or subject to its laws only.

 Synonym: Independent, sovereign, self-governing, self-ruling

 Antonym: Subservient, subject, dependent, subordinate

Sentence: The educational institutions should be autonomous in nature.

 9.     Profiteering (verb) (मुनाफा खोरी): Profiteering refers to making or seeking unfair or excessive profit, especially illegal in nature.

 Synonym: Crooked, fraudulent, nefarious, rotten

 Antonym: Ethical, honest, respectable, honorable

Sentence: The TV channel busted some food merchants who were charged with profiteering.                                                                                    

10.Availed (verb) (प्राप्त करना): Availed refers to using or taking advantage of an opportunity or an available resource.

Synonym: Account, advantage, answer, benefit

 Antonym: Dissatisfy, miss, fail, take

Sentence: She availed the opportunity of attending the rock concert of his superstar.

 Question (1-5): Answer the following as directed.

 1. Find out the words which mean the same as ‘bane’ (शाप)

  1. Advantage
  2. Delight
  3. Contentment
  4. Misery
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (4)

 Explanation: The given word refers to something which causes great distress or annoyance. Therefore, from theabove-given options, option (4) is a right choice as the synonym of the word.

2.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘bureaucracy(नौकरशाही)

  1. Red-tape
  2. Assembly
  3. Society
  4. Council
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (1)

 Explanation: The given word refers to an organization which is made up of many departments and divisions that are administered by lots of people. Hence, from the given options, option (1) is the correct choice as the synonym of the word.

 3.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘disruptions’ (हंगामा)

  1. Harmony
  2. Serenity
  3. Turmoil
  4. Concordance
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (3)

 Explanation: The given word refers to cause disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity or process. So, from the given options, option (3) is an apt choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 4.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘accountability’ (उत्तरदायित्व)

  1. Trouble
  2. Liability
  3. Anxiety
  4. Mishap
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (2)

 Explanation: The given word is the fact or condition of being responsible or accountable. So, from the given options, option (2) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 5.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘traits(विशेषता)

  1. Hatred
  2. Normality
  3. Peculiarity
  4. Usualness
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (3)

 Explanation: The given word refers to a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person. Hence, from all the above options, option (3) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.


Word of the Day


Meaning (English) – refers to a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something desirable or valuable.

Meaning (Hindi) – अल्प

Synonyms – Iota, Ounce

Antonyms – Entirely, Total

Example – The statement passed by him in court had the modicum of truth.

                                                                                               उदाहरण – अदालत में उनके द्वारा दिए गए बयान में  सच्चाई कम थी.
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