Secrets to becoming an A-grade student without reading hard

Want to score great grades but hate putting in too much effort? Well, here are some secrets to help you become an A grade students without too much hard work.

Created On: Dec 20, 2019 13:34 IST
Secrets to becoming an A-grade student without reading hard
Secrets to becoming an A-grade student without reading hard

The very thought of an A-grade students in college brings to mind the images a of class nerds. Students who are buried nose deep in their books. Hence, the popular belief that to get good grades you need to be genius or study, study and study all the time. But, that's not true.

College life is about experiencing and experimenting with new things. There is so much happening around campus that if you remain buried in your books you would miss out on some of the most interesting things around you. However, that can't also be used an excuse for bad grades. Anyways, grades are but a measure of your performance (often subjective) in classrooms. Thus, to get good grades you don't need to cram up your books or be buried in them all the time. You can easily score good grades without much effort and just by being a little more attentive during lectures.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you score good grade without much effort.  

Understand your college's grading policies

Grades are a game that all students play whether it be the class topper or just an average student. Having a clear understanding of the grading policy can help you better strategize your learning approach for examinations.  Figure out how your teachers grade marks for projects and assignments. Find out how much weightage is held by your academics, your attendance, class performance, assignments, projects etc. If you can get some points by submitting assignments on time and by being regular in class why not take the advantage of that? Sometimes some topics hold more weightage than the others in exams find out which ones they are and focus more on preparing them thoroughly.   

Start studying early on

As mentioned before there is a lot happening all around you on the campus. That is there are a lot of distractions to divert your mind from your studies. Most students are busy enjoying the freedom & the fun offered by college life and develop a habit of procrastination when it comes to their studies. With exams and project deadlines far away other things seems to take priority. But, to perform well in college you need to be consistent in your studies. Developing a study routine right from the beginning of the semester will help you avoid exam time stress later on. Being regular with your revisions and studies will help you maintain your grades year-round. It takes a lot less effort to maintain good grades over the entire semester than to build them up just during the exam time.

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Make a great first impression

There would hardly be anyone of you who hasn't heard the saying, 'First impression is the last impression.' The fact holds true even for college students like you. The first impression that you make on your college professors will go a long way to leave a positive image of yours in their mind. If your professors forms an impression of you as that of a polite, respectful, hard-working and sincere student they might be a little more lenient with you. Chances are they might even let pass small errors or occasional inconsistency on your part. You might even get the benefit of scoring good grades for internals. Remember that it is much easier to maintain a first good impression than to fix a bad one.  

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Get organized and use your time efficiently

Our parents and mentors keep telling us the importance of getting organized in our work approach and also that of time management. But their advices most of the times if not all falls on deaf ears. However, these two attributes can benefit you a lot in college. For you'll find that in college you have so much to do and such less time to do it. Now, unless you form a habit of organizing your work and prioritizing them as per deadlines you would find it very hard to make all your submissions on time. You also risk losing points as and when you make submissions past the initial deadlines. Remember that the art of  time management is a very important skill to have in college. To be able to allocate adequate time to all your activities is a big step towards success in anything.

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In Summation

College life is not just about being buried in your studies. It's also about participating in various events and other on-campus activities. Both your studies and your extra-curricular have their own importance and role to play in laying a solid foundation for a successful career after college. It is important that you give due importance to them both. Finding a balance between your studies and extra activities is very important. After all, college life is all about prepping you for the real-life situations of a working professional's life that you would lead on after graduation.

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