Facing trouble in speaking English? Read these books to build confidence

If you are facing trouble in speaking English, then you read these books to build your effective communication skills.

Facing trouble in speaking English? Read these books to build confidence
Facing trouble in speaking English? Read these books to build confidence

In today’s times, it has become mandatory for everyone to know Basic English in order to stay ahead in the competition. Whether you are preparing for competitive exams or studying in school or working, you must know at-least how to speak and write in Formal English. English has become the preferred communication language and is required as an additional skill irrespective of what qualifications you have.

Now-a-days, despite having good qualification and technical skills, students are unable to crack competitive exams and job interviews due to lack of communication skills. Therefore, it is important for you to build effective communication skills and converse in fluent English. If you really want to do good career, focus on your English Communication skills.

Here, we are going to list down five best English Learning Books that you need to read as soon as possible to become an expert in English Speaking and Writing:

Speak English Like A Star 

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This book is ideally meant for beginners. This will help students who want to start reading, writing and speaking in English with confidence. The book is for basic learners and it comprises chapters on simple conversation that is required for daily use at offices, interviews, and colleges. Topic-wise chapters on grammar and its usage make this book even more important for you to study. The other prime features of this book are as follows:

  • The book is available Hindi-English Version
  • Ideal for beginners and Hindi Students
  • Great help for those want to switch from Hindi to English for the first time
  • Most common vocabulary of English Language is included
  • Step by step method to learning English is followed

Start learning key concepts of English with this Book and stay head in any competition

Practical English Usage 

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As the name suggests, the Practical English Usage book includes practical exercise and test papers for you to solve. This will help you understand the subject in a comprehensive manner and also guide you to work on your weak areas. Right from vocabulary usage to grammar rules, this book includes everything that you need to learn to speak and write English in a proper way. The book is divided into main parts for easy learning and quick revision. Moreover, the book covers the following topics for better understanding of students:

  • Complete practical learner’s grammar
  • The grammar of speech and formal writing
  • Questions of style and idiom
  • Lists of learners’ most common mistakes
  • A-Z guide to over 250 common word problems

Improve your English speaking and writing skills now with this Practical English Book

Spoken English Guru Daily Use English Sentences 

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This book has more than 100 lessons and 5000 sentence formation exercises that will help you to practice and learn English in the simplest way.  All the chapters in this book are explained topic-wise and in a step-by-step way for your better understanding. If you want to learn English from the beginning, then make sure to read this Spoken English Book thoroughly. The key features of this book are as follows:

  • Important lessons on sentence writing and sentence formation
  • Tips to speak English with confidence
  • Structured study course with easy to understand language
  • Every topic is covered in a step-by-step way
  • Chapters on usage of proper pronunciation

Learn to write and speak English with this book

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