How to use LinkedIn To Advance Your Career

The smart use of LinkedIn not only attracts the profile visitors but also takes youto the new horizon of success. Here’s how to advance your career using LinkedIn.

Created On: May 31, 2017 13:02 IST
Modified On: Sep 13, 2017 11:35 IST
How to use LinkedIn To Advance Your Career?
How to use LinkedIn To Advance Your Career?

If you want to advance your career, you can't ignore the importance of the LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn user, you become so close to the opportunities that it can be easily approached and achieved. Before we elaborate how to handle LinkedIn for an advancement of the career, here, have a quick look of it.

LinkedIn which was launched in 2003is today considered as the third most popular professional networking site as per the monthly visitors. Presently, it has over 380 million users. It has the strength to connect the users, who, at the one end, is looking for the job opportunity with the employer who is looking for a professional on the same time.

Having a profile on the social sites only connects you to the rest of the world, but a profile on LinkedIn may advance your career. Here's how. 

Strong profile headline: a very first introduction to the world

The headline of a LinkedIn profile generates very first reactionof visitorwho is visiting you for the first time. So, headline for the profile should be catchy that it can attract the first time visitors to your profile. And you need to be clear and to-the-point with what you want say about you. Creative, distinct, and thought-provoking headline does a lot as it elucidate something interesting about you and catches the attention of the eyeballs of those who are visiting you first time. 

Profile picture

Profile picture plays a lot after the headline of LinkedIn profile if it comprises a photograph. So, keep the profile picture classy, decent, and professional. Take a headshot so that visitors could see you completely. Try not to wear rough make over facial expression while taking a snap shot for the profile picture.

Modify your public profile URL

If you want to have LinkedIn profile looking more professional, you need to customise URL of your profile. A customised profile URL reduces millions confusing numbers at the end and provides a nice and clean look to your profile.  The customization of the LinkedIn profile makes it the most appealing, catchy, attractive, and simple which catches the attention of the eyeballs of the online visitors. 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you want to get found by the community searching LinkedIn profile for specific terms, you can optimise your profile to get found while using keywords in different sections of your profile.  This feature the third most popular professional networking site enables its users to reach to the largest section of online visitors, employers, and Job seekers. And It further cuts down the difficulties of the both employee and an employer and of job seeker and interviewer. 

Put your work samples

LinkedIn provides you facility to add images, videos, documents, links, and presentations in the Education, Summary, and Experience sections of your profile. These feature of the LinkedIn able you to display projects and sample of your work in your profile. As far as new job opportunities are concerned, an employer is always keen to know the abilities, skills, and educations, Information, and background of the candidate. Further, he decides on how these things could benefit the organisation.


The LinkedIn keeps different types skills in its master list of skills section. It enables you to list up to 50 skills. The list of the skills is so clearly stated that leaves no space for any confusion. If you want an opportunities in the field where you think your skills are suitable, you need to list your skills.  The list sections of a LinkedIn profile provides a clear picture of skills, talents, potentials, and expertises that a LinkedIn user job seeker possesses.


The success in any profession requires tireless, multi-dimensional, and perfect efforts and the professional networking site LinkedIn facilitates those who want to achieve the horizon of success. With the multi-dimensional efforts of a LinkedIn ID, the professional world has now become small village.  If a professional wants to be a successfulperson then he requires to keep himself updated with technology. A professional needs a LinkedIn Profile if he/she wants to get success in retaining jobs. So, one should keep himself/herself updated with the current social networking site and professional networking site and should keep his/her profile updated over the LinkedIn. A clear, concise, comprehensive, and polite LinkedIn profile impresses the employer as well as online visitors. This increases the rate of the job opportunities following the widening of the LinkedIn profile reach.

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