Tinder - Do's and Don'ts of Online dating

Are you on Tinder or planning to make an account soon? Wait before you take a plunge in the world of online dating check out these do’s and don’ts of online dating on Tinder.

Created On: Nov 24, 2017 18:12 IST
Tinder - Do's and Don'ts of Online dating
Tinder - Do's and Don'ts of Online dating

Think about online dating and the first word that will strike your mind is Tinder. Tinder is an online dating app that has taken up the form of the new-age cupid helping youngsters to find the right person for a romantic relationship. All this is done through some simple swipes on your smartphone. Sounds very interesting, but it is not. The success of Tinder can be found in the fact that even India – a country where arranged marriages are a norm, youngsters, especially from college campuses are embracing online dating and Tinder very fast.

While the number of college students using Tinder is on the rise, no one is actually sure how things work in the world of online dating. Many just use it to find people for hook-ups or one-night stands, while many actually treat it like a matrimonial website. If you are also confused about how to navigate the world of online dating; worry not! Below, we shall discuss the key do’s and don’ts of online dating, especially when it comes to Tinder.

It's not a place for friendship

Tinder is called a dating app for a reason. It is meant to assist you in finding the right romantic or sexual partner. It's not a place to hangout or hope to make friends with strangers. For anyone looking to make friends, Tinder is not the place. They can better try their luck on Facebook and twitter. Even the details that one is required to fill in when registering on the platform are all used to match their profiles with people of similar interests.

Be clear regarding your preferences

Before you register on tinder it is important that you have a clear understanding of your own preferences. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a casual hookup or for something serious? There is no right or wrong preference for such platforms but you need to be clear and confidant of your preferences and state them first thing when you start chatting with a potential match. Imagine that you are matched with someone and you even find the person to your liking however both of you have different preferences it is better to come clear about them in the beginning than getting stuck in unwanted complications later on. 

Don't be shocked if people are straight forward

Having grown up in a society where sex outside of marriage is seen as taboo you might be shocked to find people who straight away state they are looking only for 'hookups.' But don't be surprised. Each person has their own preference and no one wants a lecture on the moral values of Indian society. If you have a profile on Tinder it is expected of you to be open to such thoughts.

Be honest while chatting with potential matches

Suppose you found a profile matching your interests and you start chatting with the user. But, somewhere in between your interactions you feel that it won't work, inform the other person of your decision straight away. Dilly dallying on things would do no good but only cause problems later on. Turn down the other person politely any genuine person would respect your choice. Also, don't forget to un-match the person you are no longer interested in having a conversation with.

Before you decide to meet, get to know the person

Now, no matterhow modern you are or how open you are to the concept of online dating not everyone out there shares your beliefs. And let's be realistic enough chatting with strangers online is not the same as meeting with them in real life. You might face yourself in an unwanted situation that could be anything from being awkward to potentially dangerous. Before you agree to meet with them in person make sure that you have a fair understanding of their nature or personality.

It's your decision, Don't feel embarrassed

Given the negative image that most people have of Tinder in their minds people are skeptical of accepting the fact that they have a profile on the app. Even the people who find a great partner on app are embarrassed of accepting that they met each other on Tinder. The fear of being judged by their near and dear ones makes them use the app in secret and even lie about meeting each other on the Tinder. There is no need to be embarrassed after all using the app was your decision you should own up to it. And, if something good has resulted from it why feel embarrassed about using the thing in the first place.

In Summation

The concept of online dating is still very new to the Indian people and most of them are still getting accustomed to it. It not uncommon to find people who are uncomfortable talking about the subject of dating even if they have a profile on the app.It is up to you to find the right person and ensure that the your potential match has the same preferences as that of yours. Understand that not everyone has the same understanding of the concept of online dating or a clear perspective on the purpose of Tinder app.

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