UGC NET / JRF Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies Question Paper– II: December 2012

Candidates can download the December 2012 Question Paper for Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies here in order to excel in the UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET eligibility examination.

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The University Grant Commission (UGC) conducted the National Eligibility Test (UGC NET/ JRF) for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship in December 2012. The question paper will help in the practice and thereby further the preparation procedure of the students.

1. Siddhāratna was born at

(A) Lumbinī

(B) Kapilavatthu

(C) Sāvatthī

(D) Kusīnārā

2. The Sattasatikā Sa.m gīti was held at

(A) Pāvā

(B) Kusīnārā

(C) Nālandā

(D) Vesālī

3. The type of Buddhism which was introduced to Tibet is known as

(A) Theravāda

(B) Mahāsāmghika

(C) Hīnayāna

(D) Mahāyāna

Click Here to find  Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies (December 2012) complete question paper

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