Unprepared for tomorrow's exam? Here are tips for passing with ease

Grit and focus are qualities you need for passing that dreadful exam you had no idea about. Here's a list of things you can do prevent yourself from failing.

Created On: Sep 26, 2017 11:40 IST
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How to study efficiently one day before the exam
How to study efficiently one day before the exam

Have you ever been in a position where you have an exam the next morning but you are not even sure what the name of the chapter is? Don't worry, no one's judging if your answer is yes. While it is difficult to pass with flying colours, here is list of things you can do to save yourself from failing.

Find a spot which is not too comfortable

Well, this one is obvious. If you study tucked in your bed, there are fair chances that you will end up sleeping. There is an insane amount of motivation needed to keep studying when you are already panicking and laziness, in no way, will not help you with it. Try fooling your mind into believing that it is daytime by lighting the room well. This way you will be able to focus better without sinking into the bed.

Avoid using your gadgets

Who doesn't want to know what is their friends' status of preparation? Not you, in this case. You don't want to know how much they have studied because it won't affect your preparation in any way. Distance yourself from all the distractions you encounter on social media and other platforms. The world won't collapse if you don't check your Facebook notification for one night. The task in your hands demands crazy amount of focus and you should be determined to do that.

Take focus off food

And the only way to do that is being full. Eat well and good so that food is not something on your mind constantly while studying. Try to avoid having coffee because it might help in keeping you awake during the night, it will make you sleep harder when it is actually important to be awake and aware. Instead eat something like an apple which is nutritious and filling due to high levels of sugar.

Stay calm and study

It might seem like an uphill task but you've got to stay calm if you need to accomplish anything. If you start well, there is a good chance that you will be able to cover the amount of material substantial enough to pass, or even do better than that. Try finding whatever notes or readings that you have and take a note of topics mentioned more than once. These are the ones most likely to come in the exam.

Don't get down to the nitty gritties

You don't have the luxury of going through everything in absolute detail so study properly through the main topics and their sub points, while skimming through further details which you can always elaborate during the test. Focus on learning the main ideas and key formulas. Skip the details in the beginning and go back to them only if you find time after you have learned the key points. It would not be very wise of you to attempt to learn everything. Focus on things that will get you the most points in the exam. If you have been told by the professor that the essay will bear 75 per cent marks, you're best off preparing for that and skipping the multiple choice. Reading the chapter summaries might also be a good idea as they usually do a great job at summarizing the important points. If there are no chapter summaries, then skim through the text and write down key ideas.

Make a mental flowchart

Making a flowchart for learning a certain concept can help you memorize it for a long time as the brain remembers things put in a sequence more than just randomly spread information. Organizing information in this manner in your brain will help you in recalling the same when it is actually required.

Take breaks in between

Taking a break and changing your surroundings can positively and definitely affect your learning abilities. The brain gets tired from all the information intake and needs rest just like other parts of the body. Taking a short break and going for a stroll or doing anything which relaxes your senses can be highly beneficial for you. Sometimes all you need a short walk to put things into perspective and relieve any kind of stress which could be hindering the learning process.

Sleeping is important

Pulling an all-nighter might help you in covering a large part of the syllabus but it might result in a total blackout when you actually want to write all the information down. Hence, it would be advisable to sleep before the exam even if it for one of two hours. This will help your body restore the lost energy to an extent so that you are set for next day's exam.

These tips might not help you in achieving amazing grades but will definitely help you in passing the exam you are absolutely unprepared for.

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