UPSC NDA NA II Exam 2016: Practice Questions History I

Hello Aspirants, We are here providing you set of questions from the History section, which comes under the NDA Question Paper- Part A of the General Ability paper. It will be helpful to understand not only the pattern of History Question which could be asked in the coming NDA Exam II 2016, but also give you the insights about basic idea of this subject.

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UPSC NDA NA II Exam 2016: Practice Questions History I


1. Mahatma Gandhi undertook fast unto Death in 1932, mainly because:

   a) Round Table conference failed to satisfy Indian Leaders.
   b) Congress and Muslim League had different opinions.
   c) Ramsay Mc. Donald announced the Communal award.
   d) None of These.

2. Which of the Following pairs are correctly matched?

         Satyagraha                               Person Actively

1.    Champaran Styagraha          Associated with Mahatma Gandhi
2.    Malad Satyagraha                Jawahar Lal Nehru
3.    Individual Satyagraha          Vinotra Bhare

Codes :
a)    1 & 2
b)    2 and 3
c)    1 and 3
d)    1,2 and 3

3. Which one of the following place did begum Hazrat Mahal, Leader of the 1857 belong to ?

    a) Bihar
    b) Awadh
    c) Gwalior
    d) Central Province

4. Which one of the Following territories were supporting Britishers in Revolt of 1857?

    a) Jhansi
    b) Kanpur
    c) Jind
    d) Lucknow

5. Which of the following leader/leaders was/were not associated with Gandhi’s Non-cooperation Movement.

    1. Maulana Azad
    2. Muhammad Ali & Shaukat Ali
    3. Kavas Ji Jahangir
    4. Firozshah Sethana

   Codes :

   a)    1and 2
   b)    2 and 3
   c)    Only 3
   d)    3 & 4


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6. The Swadeshi Movement Started with:

a) The world war Firsts when Indian Troops were needed by the British and the partion was ended.
b) Proclamation of Anti-Partition Movement at Calcutta Town Hall in 7th Aug 1905.
c) King George V given recommendation  to Curzon’s  partition of Bengal at the Royal durbar in Delhi 1911.
d) None of These.

7. Bal Gangadhar Tilka was:

    1. Responsible for starting the Home Rule Movement First.
    2. Founder of ‘Servant’ of India society’.
    3. The President of the INC Surat session 1907.


a)    Only 1
b)    2 & 3
c)    1 & 3
d)    None of These


    a) A Military Troop of Japan in second world war
    b) Berma’s First Administrator, when it was separated from British Empire in 1911
    c) A ship hired from Singapore
    d) Indian National Army’s name in Japan during second world war.

9. The Person who was not associated with ‘Tripuri Crisis’ in 1939.

    1. Subhash Chandra Bose
    2. Pattabhi Sita Rammaiya
    3. M.K. Gandhi
    4. Moti Lal Nehru


a)    Only1
b)    1 & 3
c)    2 & 4
d)    Only 4

10.    Which of the following is/ are not matched :

    1. Istamarari  - Ried & Munaro
    2. Mahalvari  - Ried & Munaro
    3. Rayatwari  - Martin Bird


a)    Only 1
b)    2 and 3
c)    1,2 and 3
d)    1 and 3


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Answer Key:

1 (C)    2(C)    3(B)   4 (C)  5(D)   6(B)   7(A)   8(C)   9(D)  10(B)


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