Study: Indians Migrated to Australia 4000 Years ago

A study by scientists and researchers revealed that the Indians migrated to Australia 4000 Years ago and got itself mixed with the Aboriginals.

Jan 16, 2013 17:49 IST
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The new study from the scientists and researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany published on 15 January 2013 revealed the fact that the Ancient Indians migrated to Australia and mixed itself with the aborigines about 4000 years back from now. It was a time, when the Island Continent was not even in contact with the Europeans. The study also described that there are evidence of Indian gene flow from India to Australia at the time of the Holocene that happened about 4230 years ago.

The study also claims that the Indians, who migrated from India to Australia, would have carried the Dingo dogs over there. The migrants also carried with them tools made of stones for removal of toxins from edible plants. There are situations in the study that proves that Australia witnessed changes in the processes of processing the plants and technologies used in stone tools with microliths around the same period. The fossils of the Dingo dogs found also coincide with the time.

One of the earliest archeological evidence of presence of the modern human being outside Africa is available in Australia, which makes the aboriginals of Australia among the oldest populations, outside Africa.

The continent was isolated for a period of about 4000 years before its colonization by the Europeans around 1800s. But the signs of changes as per the record documents available in the continent happened around 4000 years ago.

The DNA study of the Dingoes seems to be similar to that of the South-East Asian origin and as per Morphology the Dingo dogs closely resembles to the Indian Dogs.

The archeological and genetic evidences available suggest that the world for the first time was colonized by the expansion of the Africans, who replaced the genes of the local population.

It’s anticipated that the humans proceeded via two routes to the rest of the world:

1.    The Northern Dispersal: The rise of modern Asians occurred between 23000 to 38000 years ago
2.    The Southern Dispersal: The coastal region that flows around the Arabian Peninsula and from India to the Australian continent

The ancestors of the Australian aboriginals were the decedents of Eurasian population and it happened about 62000-75000 years ago and it reached Sahul – it is the Joint Australia-New Guinea landmass about 45000 years ago.

The genetic variations across the genome of the aboriginal Australians, island Southeast Asians, Indians and New Guineans, were also analysed by the team of researchers.

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