Can you find the hidden ostrich? Bonus, you get to know amazing facts about this bird!

Ostriches have the capacity to look both cute and creepy. However, not many people know how fascinating these birds are. Find the hidden ostrich and enjoy the interesting facts on ostriches.
Spot the hidden ostrich!
Spot the hidden ostrich!

Ostriches may look creepy and scary, but in reality, they are fascinating creatures.

Oh yes, we know that you know about the huge ostrich eggs, but this is not the only surprising fact about the bird. 

Today, we were in a great mood, and that is when we thought to not only offer an ordinary optical illusion test but also educate you with fascinating facts.

So, here we go!

To break the monotony, we have simply dropped the facts after small intervals, to begin with, here is fact number 1:


Surprising fact about Ostriches No. 1

Have you ever imagined a gigantic bird with no ability to fly? Well, while the naive human mind expects all birds to fly, it is both exciting and unfortunate to know that ostriches can't fly!

Somewhere on the Earth some baby ostrich must be crying and questioning the fact in front of his mother. 

However, it won't be wrong to say that despite not being able to fly, no other bird, we repeat, no other bird can walk or run as fast as the ostrich can on land.

Satiated with the first fun fact?

Let's know the second one!

Enjoying beach time is fine, but have you checked for the crab? Find the hidden crab in this optical illusion image!

Surprising fact about Ostriches No. 2

Ostriches look scary, they must be eating humans too!

Well, no. Ostriches mainly rely on plants, roots, and flowers. They occasionally eat mice, insects, frogs, and more.

However, that doesn't mean you are safe from harm. Ostriches can be extremely harmful and aggressive for humans, especially when they feel their nest is threatened. 

Now that you are all excited, have a glance at the image below.

The picture presents a hidden ostrich.

Find the hidden ostrich within 10 seconds. The bonus; you'll get to read two more fun facts on ostriches.

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Could you find it?


Scroll to read a few more fun facts before we reveal where the ostrich is hiding.

Surprising fact about Ostriches No. 3


How many stomachs do you have? Well, you might call us crazy for asking this question, but if we ask this question to an ostrich, he or she will answer as 3!

Surprising fact about Ostriches No. 4

Despite having 3 stomachs to digest food, they don't have teeth to chew food! Yes, what's even more surprising is the fact that they swallow pebbles and stones to grind their food!

Now, it's time for us to reveal where the ostrich was hiding! Scroll down!

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Oh, ostrich! You were hiding so smartly! Now that you are found, here comes our last fun fact for the day on ostriches.

Surprising fact about Ostriches No. 5


The population of wild ostriches has unfortunately declined in the last two centuries. Yes, it is an alarming fact!


These brain teasers will surely keep your tiny tots busy!

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