What is the difference between the Left Wing and Right Wing Politics?

Listed below are the differences between the Left Wing and the Right Wing political ideologies. The terms were first used during the making of the French Constitution or the French Revolution and since then have been symbolically used. Take a look below to know more about left and right wing clearly.

What is Left Wing and Right Wing?

Left Wing and Right Wing are the two extremes of political ideologies. These terms define the liberals and the conservatives. However the terms may be used so frequently today, the origin of these terms is a story in itself. Know more about the difference between Left Wing and the Right Wing politics below. 

These terms have their reference to physical seating arrangements of politicians during the French Revolution.

It was in the summer of 1789 when the members of the French National Assembly met to draft the Constitution. Those in support of the monarchy and King Louis XVI sat on the right side of the presiding officer marking it as their territory while the liberals or the anti royals who wished to do away with the monarchy sat on the left.

This is how the formation of left wing ideology as more liberal and right wing ideology as more conservative came out. 

Difference between Left Wing and Right Wing Politics

Take a look at the differences between the Left Wing and the Right Wing ideology here

SNo Left-Wing Right-Wing
1 ‘Left-wing’ is called so as in the French revolution the anti-monarchy revolutionaries were seated on the left side of the hall. Right wing originated in the French Revolution during 1789-1799. Here the various supporters of the Monarchy were seated on the right side of the  National Assembly hall.
2 This kind of politics is much more liberal than the others. Right-wing politics are more conservative.
3 They believe that societal benefit would occur from an expanded role of the government They are of the notion that the best results can be obtained when individual rights and civil liberties are kept at the top and the government is less involved
4 The Left Wing populist ideas rely more on egalitarian ideals rather than horizontal exclusion. Populism in right wing is a political approach that appeals to ordinary people who feel that their rights are being ignored.
5 What forms the basis of Left Wing politics is social equality, popular sovereignty, and national-determination. This kind of politics also associates itself closely with national liberation movements Romantic Nationalism is the basic influence behind right wing politics. In this the state derives its legitimacy from the culture of the people that live in it. This may also be inclusive of their language, race, and customs followed in the culture.
6 Left-wing politics is traditionally against religious institutions and believe that state and religion must be separate from each other (Secularism) The supporters of right wing politics believe that religion must play an expanded role in society.
7 Left-wingers main emphasis is on equality, fraternity, progress, and reform This kind of politics follows the ideas of authority, hierarchy, tradition, and nationalism


Left-wing economics policies are such as reduction in income equality, increase in tax rates for the wealthy and government spending on social programs and infrastructure

As per the right wing economic policies, there must be low taxes, less regulations for businesses by the government

Take a look at the picture below to understand more:

left wing and right wing

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In India there are two major parties which have been at the Centre. Out of these BJP is referred to as the Right Wing party with a  more traditional approach. However the party's ideologies in this term have seem to shift towards a mixed approach of a welfare state. Congress has been a party with an inclination towards the Right. The far Lefts in India would be parties like CPI(M). Thus in India there is no such race of ideologies and all the political parties aim for a welfare state. 

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What is Right wing ideology?

Right wing ideology defines the conservatives ideology. These follow a more strict and conservative approach towards politics

Where did the terms left wing and right wing come from?

The Left Wing and the Right Wing were used for the first time during the making of the French Constitution that is in France.

What is far left in politics?

Far-left politics is that which is further to the left of the left–right political spectrum.

Is BJP a left wing or a right wing party?

BJP is currently at the Center in India and is of Right Wing ideology
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