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Blood is very essential component in human beings. Without it life is not possible. It consists of many components which further help in the survival. This article deals with blood and its components, their functions, etc. which will help to understand more and also help in the preparation of various entrance as well as school examinations.
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Blood is a liquid known as Plasma which consists of red cells, white cells and platelets floating in it. It has three main functions in the human body. These are transport of substances like respiratory gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide; digested food or nutrients; waste products; hormones, enzymes etc. from one part of the body to the other, protection against diseases and Regulation of body temperature.

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This article consists of Questions and Answers on blood which will help to understand more about it and also help in various examination preparations.
1. What is blood?
Ans. Blood is red coloured pigment which circulates in our body. It is red in colour because it contains haemoglobin.
2. What are the main components of blood?
Ans. Blood consists of: Plasma, Red Blood Corpuscles or Red Blood Cells, White Blood Corpuscles or White Blood Cells and Platelets.

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3. What is the function of Red Blood Cells or Red Blood Corpuscles?
Ans. Red Blood Cells carry oxygen from the lungs to all the cells of the body. It is actually haemoglobin present in the blood which carries oxygen in the body.
4. What is the function of White Blood Cells in human body?
Ans.  White blood cells fight infection and protect us from diseases. Because these cells help to fight against germs and other foreign bodies which cause diseases. Also, white blood cells make chemicals known as ‘antibodies’ to fight against infection.  Therefore, white blood cells are called soldiers of the body.

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5. Why haemoglobin is red in colour?
Ans. As we know that blood is red due to haemoglobin present in it. And haemoglobin consists of iron in its cells and it turns red when it combines with oxygen.

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6. Which of the following are functions of blood?
1. Blood protects body from diseases.
2. Blood carries waste product urea from liver to the kidneys.
3. Blood regulated body temperature.
4. Blood carries hormones from endocrine glands to different organs of the body.
Options are:
A. Both 1 and 2 are correct
B. Both 1 and 3 are correct
C. 1,2,3 are correct
D. All the above are correct
Ans. D
7. Which component of the blood helps in blood coagulating?
Ans. Platelets help in the coagulation of blood or clotting of blood in a cut or wound.
8. How many blood groups are there in human being?
Ans. There are four major blood groups namely A, B, AB and O.

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