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GK Questions and Answers on Latest Researches of New Technology

17-MAR-2017 17:52

    Technology consists of tools, techniques, use of materials and various sources of power which make life easy or pleasant and make work more productive. Latest Researches in new technological fields may result from the technological convergence of different systems evolving towards a similar goal and has many effects. Like it helped in developing more advanced economies and the rise of the leisure class. General Questions and Answers on Latest Researches not only give you an idea of various technological developments that took place near your surroundings but also help in the preparation of examinations and also built your knowledge.

    Latest Researches of new Technology


    1.Which of the following is the first Indian State in the world where successful breeding of Western Tragopan has taken place?
    B.Arunachal Pradesh
    C.Jammu and Kashmir
    D.Himachal Pradesh
    Ans. D

    2.Which one of the following is the Hangprinter which turns room in to a 3D-Printer?
    A.Rip Rap Printer
    B.Open-Source Prototype
    C.Spring cleaning printer
    D.No such printer available
    Ans. B

    World's First commercial flying Car is now available

    3.Consider the following statements and select the correct code:
    (i)A new transparent, flexible touchpad can sense the touch of a finger even when the material is stretched or bent.
    (ii)These touch screens are made up of carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires.
    (iii)It is a square transparent touchpad about 1.2 inches wide with 16 buttons that are each about 0.2 inches wide.
    A.(i), (ii) and (iii) are correct
    B.(i) and (ii) are correct
    C.Only (i) is correct
    D.Only (ii) is correct
    Ans. A

    4.For which one of the following diseases ICMR’s famous ‘Madras study’ was made?
    Ans. A

    5.Which one of the following statement is correct about “PACMATE”?
    A.It is world’s fastest humanoid robot.
    B.It is world’s first mobile phone made for visually challenged.
    C.It is world’s first talking computer.
    D.It is a computer virus which crashed e-mail networks.
    Ans. C

    What is Black Box? How does it Work?

    6.To prevent bacterial action which of the following substances is used in packaging of fruits?
    A.Ethyl bromide
    B.Methyl bromide
    C.Silver bromide
    D.Sodium bromide
    Ans. B

    7.What do you understand by Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)?
    A.It is the calories that human body burns every day.
    B.It is the calories that human body burns while at rest.
    C.It is the calories a human body burns till the age of 5 years.
    D.It is the calories a human body burns in its life time.
    Ans. B

    8.Rain sensors filted on the windshield wipers of some automobiles are based on which of the following principles?
    A.Surface tension
    B.Bernoulli’s principle
    C.Total internal reflection
    D.Heat radiation
    Ans. C

    Amazing facts on “Achievements of India”

    9.Which one of the following statement is incorrect about ultrasound?
    A.‘Ultrasound’ literally means sound beyond the range of human being.
    B.Piezo - electric effect produces ultrasound waves.
    C.Like electromagnetic radiation, sound waves can pass through vacuum.
    D.Through homogenous tissue when ultrasound waves are introduced, they pass unimpeded till they meet another tissue or organ.
    Ans. C

    10. A mule is a hybrid of which one of the following?
    A.A female donkey and a male horse.
    B.A male donkey and a female horse.
    C.A female horse and male zebra.
    D.A male horse and female zebra.
    Ans. B

    From the above quiz we come to know about the latest researches and techniques which infact we use at our homes or we use in our daily life and plays a vital role.

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