GK Questions with Answers on Environment & Ecology: Set 4

Jagran josh is presenting 10 MCQs on Environment Ecology based on different topics. We made these questions to serve the motive of IAS/PCS/SSC/CDS aspirants.
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In this article we are presenting set of 10 GK questions with answers based on Environment & Ecology. As this topic is most important part of almost all the major entrance exams like IAS/PCS/SSC/CDS and other competitive exams.

1. Which of the following statement is true about the black carbon?
(a) Black carbon is produced both naturally and by human activities.
(b) It’s a major contributor to the climate change.
(c) Black carbon particles strongly absorb sunlight and give soot its black colour.
(d) Technologies that can reduce the global black carbon emissions are not available today.
Ans. d

2. Which of the following summit created the concept of Kyoto protocol?
(a) Kyoto protocol
(b) Montreal protocol
(c) Basel convention
(d) Ramsar convention
Ans. a

3. Cartagena protocol is related to the …………..
(a) Bio-safety
(b) Trans-boundary movement of hazardous wastes.
(c) Climate change
(d) Ozone depletion
Ans. a

4. Which of the following is not matched correctly?
(a) Ponzan summit: 2008
(b) Bali summit: 2002
(c) Earth Summit: 1992
(d) Montreal Protocol: 1987
Ans. b

5. The concept of Sustainable Development emerged after the……….
(a) Basel convention on hazardous wastes, 1989
(b) Bali summit: 2002
(c) Earth Summit: 1992
(d) Montreal Protocol: 1987
Ans. c

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6. In which country the concept of ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ emerged?
(a) Switzerland
(b) USA
(c) Japan
(d) Germany
Ans. b

7. What is carbon footprint?
(a) Emission of carbon dioxide from daily human activities.
(b) Emission of carbon monoxide because of vehicles.
(c) Acid rain
(d) Soil degradation
Ans. a

8. Which of the following is NOT the secondary consumer?
(a) Frog
(b) Lizard
(c) Rabbits
(d) None of these
Ans. c

9. ‘DODO’ is a …………………..
(a) Insect
(b) Bird
(c) Fish
(d) Ape
Ans. b

10. What kind of biome is found on the Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rockies, Mt. Alps and Mt. Himalayas?
(a) Savana Biome
(b) Taiga Biome
(c) Mediterranean Biome
(d) Alpine Tundra Biome
Ans. d

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