Global Handwashing Day 2022- Significance, History, Theme, Slogan, and more!

Right handwashing is a basic hygiene habit, but sadly, the world still bears the brunt of the lack of this habit. Thankfully, we have Global Handwashing Day! Know its importance, significance, history, and theme and slogan for 2022.
Global Handwashing Day 2022
Global Handwashing Day 2022

Sometimes, while focusing on the bigger issues, we often forget the basic, and perhaps the most important ones.


One just cause is washing hands correctly and at the right time.

The Global Handwashing Day on October 15 attempts to increase understanding and awareness regarding the importance of handwashing with soap as an affordable and effective measure to prevent illnesses and safeguard lives.

The very basic act of washing hands the right way at the right time can act as a strong shield against multiple diseases and fosters health and hygiene.

Inculcating creative ways to boost the habit

Global Handwashing Day is a day that gives mankind an opportunity to create, test and replicate creative methods to inculcate the habit to wash hands with soap at critical times.

Significance of Global Hand Washing Day

Recent years have been tough for everyone. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the last few years, some major learnings are also learned. One of them remains the importance of hand hygiene. 


Now is the time to bring a change and promote hand hygiene progress.

For the purpose of encouraging this day, a collective is what will make the initiative bear better results. One does not require to be an authoritative figure, simply making an effort to inculcate the habit within oneself and encouraging others to do the same would be more than enough.

History of Global Handwashing Day

Founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership, Global Handwashing Day proposes an opportunity to create and inculcate creative ways to promote and encourage everyone to wash their hands with soap, precisely amidst critical times.

It was in 2008 when the very first Global Handwashing Day was held. National leaders, communities, and influencers around the globe have made use of this special national holiday to disseminate awareness regarding the importance of clean hands. 

Ever since its inception, the importance of the day has gained strength. Schools, international institutions, and governments are doing their bit to stress the importance of the day and the habit of washing hands with soap. 



The 1980s- The very first-hand hygiene regulations were published nationally. 

It was then 5hat the Global Handwashing Partnership marked Global Handwashing Day in Stockholm, Sweden, at World Water Week.

2008- The year saw the very first Global Handwashing Day. Around 120 million children around the globe washed their hands using soap in approximately 70 nations. 


2019- The theme for Global Handwashing Day in 201o was "Life is Better with Clean Hands."


Global Handwashing Day 2022- Theme

A health care "quality and safety climate or culture” that values hand hygiene and infection prevention and control.


Global Handwashing Day 2022- Slogan


Unite for safety: clean your hands.

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