Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: Date, Significance, Inspirational Quotes, Wishes, Verses of Kabir Das and more

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: He was a famous poet, saint, and social reformer of India. This year his birth anniversary is observed on 24 June (Thursday). Let us have a look at the significance, his verses, inspirational quotes, etc.
Sant Kabir Das Jayanti
Sant Kabir Das Jayanti

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: As per the Hindu lunar calendar, his birth anniversary is observed on Jyeshtha Purnima. This year it falls on 24 June. His writings influenced the Bhakti movement and include Bijak, Sakhi Granth, Kabir Granthawali, and Anurag Sagar. 

Fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev collected his major part of the work and incorporated it into the Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib.

His legacy is still going on through a sect named 'Panth of Kabir' which is a religious community that considers him as the founder. The members are known as Kabir Panthis.  His hallmark work consists of two line couplets known as 'Kabir Ke Dohe'.

Sant Kabir Das: Quotes

1. "I am not a Hindu, nor am a Muslim. I am this body, a play of five elements; a drama of the spirit dancing with joy and sorrow."

2. Admire the diamond that can bear the hits of a hammer. Many deceptive preachers, when critically examined, turn out to be false.”

3. “Do not go to the garden of flowers! O friend! Go not there; in your body is the garden of flowers. Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus, and there gaze on the infinite beauty.”

. “If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive do you think ghosts will do it after?”

5." When the bride is one with her lover, who cares about the wedding party?"

6. “Look at you, you madman! Screaming you are thirsty and dying in a desert, when all around you there is nothing but water!”

7. “Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet. Think about it carefully! Don’t go off somewhere else!”

8. “The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that comes, the petal falls.”

9. “What is found now is found then. If you find nothing now, you will simply end up with an apartment in the City of Death.”

10. “Don’t open your diamonds in a vegetable market. Tie them in bundle and keep them in your heart, and go your own way.”

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: Wishes

1. On the occasion of Sant Kabir Day Jayanti, let us take inspiration from the man who was so simple and right with his words. Happy Kabir Das Jayanti!

2. When there is darkness surrounding us, we can always enlighten ourselves with the couplets of Kabir. Wishing a very Happy Sant Kabir Das Jayanti.

3. Kabir Das is the mentor who can guide you through the ups and downs of your life and bring you peace and happiness. Warm wishes on Sant Kabir Das Jayanti.

4. Each and every word that he has said, is so deep in meaning that it has the power to change many lives. Happy Sant Kabir Day Jayanti.

5. Life is always better when you have a guru to guide you and when you have Sant Kabir to mentor your life, you are truly blessed. Warm wishes on Sant Kabir Das Jayanti.

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: Dohe of Kabir Das

1. गुरु गोविंद दोउ खड़े, काके लागूं पाँय ।
बलिहारी गुरु आपने, गोविंद दियो मिलाय॥

2. ऐसी वाणी बोलिए मन का आप खोये ।
औरन को शीतल करे, आपहुं शीतल होए ।

3. निंदक नियेरे राखिये, आँगन कुटी छावायें ।
बिन पानी साबुन बिना, निर्मल करे सुहाए ।

4. बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय ।
जो मन देखा आपना, मुझ से बुरा न कोय ।

5. दुःख में सुमिरन सब करे, सुख में करे न कोय ।
जो सुख में सुमिरन करे, तो दुःख काहे को होय ।

6. काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब ।
पल में परलय होएगी, बहुरि करेगा कब ।

7. जहाँ दया तहा धर्म है, जहाँ लोभ वहां पाप ।
जहाँ क्रोध तहा काल है, जहाँ क्षमा वहां आप ।

8. जाती न पूछो साधू की, पूछ लीजिये ज्ञान ।
मोल करो तलवार का, पड़ा रहने दो म्यान ।

9. नहाये धोये क्या हुआ, जो मन मैल न जाए ।
मीन सदा जल में रहे, धोये बास न जाए ।

10. पोथी पढ़ पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय ।
ढाई आखर प्रेम का, पढ़े सो पंडित होय ।

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: Significance

On his birth anniversary, the followers of Sant Kabir Das remember him by reciting his poems, dohe, and teachings. He was best known for his Dohe that is two-line couplets.

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