Krishnadeva Raya (1509-1529 AD)

Krishnadeva Raya was the most illustrious king of Vijayanagar Empire.

Sri Krishnadeva Raya was the most illustrious king of Vijayanagara Empire. He belonged to Taluva dynasty. When he ascended the throne in 1509, the affairs of the Empire were in a gloomy state. The Sultan of Bijapur and the rulers of Orissa were a constant threat to the empire.

Military Conquests

He defeated the combined Muslim forces of Deccan Sultanates and captured Raichur Doab in 1512 AD.

He also conquered Gulbarga. He captured Sivasamudram in addition to subjugation of the local chieftains of Ummattur.

He defeated the large Orissa army and captured the Udayagiri fort. He led further expeditions against Orissa and forced the Oriyas to surrender. He conquered Kondapalli on the way towards Golconda.

Relation with Portuguese

Krishnadeva Raya maintained friendly relations with the Portuguese. He imported Arabian horses and guns from the Portuguese.


Krishna Deva Raya’s son Tirumaladeva was poisoned by the son of his minister Timmarasu through a conspiracy. The treacherous act was discovered and the father-son duo were imprisoned and blinded.

Krishna Deva Raya died in 1529. Prior to his death, he nominated his half-brother Achyuta Deva Raya as his successor.


Besides being a great warrior, he was an able administrator and a liberal patron of art and literature.

Ashtadiggajas (Eight literary scholars) were present in his court. The author of Manu Charitramu was the greatest among them. Krishna Deva Raya, a poet himself wrote the book Amuktamalyada.

Krishna Deva Raya was a great builder as well. He built the Hazara Rama temple and the Vittalaswami temple. He also founded a new city called Nagalapuram.

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