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List of Highest Waterfall in the World

07-JUL-2017 12:22

    Waterfalls are formed in the upper course of a river where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of drops in the course of a stream or river. Here, we are giving a list of Highest Waterfall in the world in which we have covered the name, location, source/river and approx. height in meters for general awareness.

    Niagra falls

    Source: www.wonderslist.com

    Highest Waterfall in the World

    1. Angel (Salto Angel)  

    Location: Canaima Nat'l Park, Venezuela  

    Source/River: upper trib. of Rio Caroni   

    Approx. Height (Meters): 979

    2. Tugela   

    Location: Natal Nat'l Park, South Africa    

    Source/River: Tugela River   

    Approx. Height (Meters): 947

    3. Utigord (Utigordsfoss)       

    Location: Norway

    Source/River: glacier fed       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 800

    4. Monge (Mongefoss)  

    Location: Marstein, Norway   

    Source/River: Mongebeck     

    Approx. Height (Meters): 774

    5. Gocta Cataracts       

    Location: Chachapoyas, Peru          

    Approx. Height (Meters): 771

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    6. Mutarazi (Mtarazi)   

    Location: Nyanga Nat'l Park, Zimbabwe    

    Source/River: Mutarazi River

    Approx. Height (Meters): 762

    7. Yosemite        

    Location: Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S.   

    Source/River: Yosemite Creek        

    Approx. Height (Meters): 739

    8. Espelands (Espelandsfoss) 

    Location: Hardanger Fjord, Norway 

    Source/River: Opo River       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 703

    9. Lower Mar Valley (Ostra Mardolafoss)  

    Location: Eikesdal, Norway    

    Source/River: Mardals Stream       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 655

    10. Tyssestrengene      

    Location: Odda, Norway        

    Source/River: Tyssa River     

    Approx. Height (Meters): 647

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    11. Cuquenan (Salto Kukenan)      

    Location: Kukenan Tepuy, Venezuela       

    Source/River: Cuquenan River       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 610

    12. Sentinel        

    Location: Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S.   

    Source/River: Sentinel Creek

    Approx. Height (Meters): 610

    13. Dudhsagar    

    Location: Goa/Karnataka, India      

    Source/River: Khandepar River      

    Approx. Height (Meters): 600

    14. Sutherland   

    Location: Milford Sound, New Zealand     

    Source/River: Arthur River   

    Approx. Height (Meters): 580

    15. Kjell (Kjellfossen)   

    Location: Gudvanger, Norway

    Source/River: Gudvangen Glacier  

    Approx. Height (Meters): 561

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    16. Kahiwa

    Location: Molokai, Hawaii, U.S.      

    Source/River: Unknown       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 533

    17. Takkakaw     

    Location: Yoho Nat'l Park, B.C., Canada   

    Source/River: Takkakaw Creek      

    Approx. Height (Meters): 503

    18. Ribbon

    Location: Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S.   

    Source/River: Ribbon Stream         

    Approx. Height (Meters): 491

    19. King George VI      

    Location: Guyana         

    Source/River: Courantyne River     

    Approx. Height (Meters): 488

    20. Upper Mar Valley (Mardalsfossen)      

    Location: nr. Eikesdal, Norway        

    Source/River: Mardals Stream       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 468

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    21. Kaliuwaa (Sacred)  

    Location: Pahu, Hawaii, U.S. 

    Source/River: Kalanui Stream        

    Approx. Height (Meters): 463

    22. Della    

    Location: Strathcona Provincial Park, B.C., Canada    

    Source/River: Della Lake      

    Approx. Height (Meters): 440

    23. Gavarnie       

    Location: nr. Lourdes, France

    Source/River: Gave de Pau   

    Approx. Height (Meters): 422

    24. Cachoeira da Fumaça (Glass or Smoke)      

    Location: Chapada Diamantia Nat'l Park, Brazil 

    Approx. Height (Meters): 420

    25. Giessbach     

    Location: Bern, Switzerland  

    Source/River: Giessbach River       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 400

    List of the Major Straits of the World

    26. Krimmler      

    Location: Hohe Tauern Nat'l Park, Austria

    Source/River: Krimmler Ache         

    Approx. Height (Meters): 381

    27. Vettis (Vettisfoss)  

    Location: Jotunheimen, Norway     

    Source/River: Utla (Trib. Mörkedola)       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 370

    28. Papalaua       

    Location: Molokai, Hawaii, U.S.      

    Source/River: Kawai Nui Stream    

    Approx. Height (Meters): 366

    29. Tin Mine       

    Location: Kosciusko Nat'l Park, Australia 

    Source/River: Tin Mine Creek        

    Approx. Height (Meters): 360

    30. Silver Strand (Widows' Tears)   

    Location: Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S.   

    Source/River: Silver Strand Creek  

    Approx. Height (Meters): 357

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    31. Honokohau  

    Location: Maui, Hawaii, U.S. 

    Source/River: Honokohau Stream  

    Approx. Height (Meters): 341

    32. Wallaman      

    Location: nr. Ingham, Australia      

    Source/River: Wallaman Creek       

    Approx. Height (Meters): 305

    33. Spray Stream (Staubbachfalle) 

    Location: Lauterburnnental, Switzerland 

    Source/River: Staubbach Brook     

    Approx. Height (Meters): 300

    34. King Edward VIII   

    Location: Guyana         

    Source/River: Courantyne    

    Approx. Height (Meters): 259

    35. Gersoppa (Jog)       

    Location: Western Ghats, India       

    Source/River: Sharavati        

    Approx. Height (Meters): 253

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    36. Hunlen

    Location: British Columbia, Canada         

    Source/River: Atnarko River 

    Approx. Height (Meters): 253

    37. Basaseachic (Salto Basaseachic)        

    Location: Barance del Cobre, Mexico        

    Source/River: Piedra Volada Creek 

    Approx. Height (Meters): 246

    38. Waipio 

    Location: Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.

    Source/River: Kekee Stream 

    Approx. Height (Meters): 244

    39. Kaieteur       

    Location: Guyana         

    Source/River: Potaro (trib. Rio Essequibo)         

    Approx. Height (Meters): 225

    40. Kalambo       

    Location: Tanzania/Zambia   

    Source/River: Kalambo River

    Approx. Height (Meters): 221

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    41. Wollomombi 

    Location: nr. Armidale, Australia    

    Source/River: Wollomombi   

    Approx. Height (Meters): 220

    42. Feigum

    Location: Lusterfjord, Norway

    Source/River: Feigumelvi      

    Approx. Height (Meters): 218

    In the above list of Highest Waterfall in the World including the name, location, source, and height that will help in enhancing general knowledge of the readers.

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