New blood group detected by scientists in UK - Read more here

A new type of blood group has been discovered by scientists in NHS Blood and Transplant and University of Bristol, UK. Read more about the newly discovered blood group here.
New Blood Group Discovered in UK
New Blood Group Discovered in UK

New Blood Group Discovered: The scientists led by Nicole Thornton in the NHS Blood and Transplant and the University of Bristol, UK have discovered a new blood group “Er” which was linked with foetal deaths in pregnant women.

This discovery is the 44th such blood grouping to be discovered.

We are all aware of the usual blood grouping systems such as the ABO grouping and the Rh grouping, the combination of which makes our blood group positive or negative for a particular group.

It is very essential for everyone to be aware of their blood group in case of an emergency that may result from a life-threatening event and require a blood transfusion.

What is the Er Blood Group?

The Er blood group consists of 5 antigens to date, which are Era, Erb, Er3, Er4 and Er5. The last two have been recently discovered, while the first three have been around for 30 years but were not categorised into any known system.


These antigens differ from each other in the variation of amino acids in the Piezo1 protein, which is present on the surface of the red blood cells.


Due to genetic variations, people with such antigens will have different types of amino acids in their Piezo1 protein and the amount of that protein will be less compared to normal.


Therefore, blood cells of individuals with more Piezo1 protein in their surface will appear foreign to those with lesser Piezo1 proteins and as a result leads to an attack by the immune system.


What is Hemolytic Illness in Fetuses and Newborns?

Hemolytic illnesses in foetuses and newborns result from incompatibilities that arise between mothers and foetal blood. Due to differences in antigens, the mother’s body will produce antibodies against the child’s blood.


This can cause the foetus to die within the womb or in some cases, outside of the womb.


Similar Studies


A group of researchers in the US were also studying the same, but the researchers in England beat them to make the discovery first.

According to Daniela Hermelin, a scientist at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, “Discovering a new blood group system is like discovering a new planet. It enlarges the landscape of our reality,”


How many antigens are there in Er blood group?

There are 5 identified antigens in the Er blood group system namely Era, Erb, Er3, Er4 and Er5.

What is the name of the new blood group discovered in the UK?

The new blood group "Er" was discovered in UK.
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