No Shave November: The cancer awareness campaign and everything you need to know about "Movember"!

Have you heard of the popular campaign, No Shave November''? Is it merely a fashion trend? Well, a big NO. This blog might open your eyes to the meaning of the initiative.
No Shave November
No Shave November

Just as the second last month of the year started, there is a strong buzz around the "No shaving" trend. However, not many people know the real meaning and message behind the no-shaving trend. Today, let's talk about just that.

The second last month of the year, i.e. November is observed as "No Shave November" or the "Movember". The month is dedicated to cancer awareness. 

Cancer patients not only bear the pain of heavy medicines and the illness itself but are also compelled by clinical procedures like chemotherapy and the heavy doses of medicines to shed their hair.


The "No Shave November" campaign's objective is first to let men embrace their locks and grow their beards wild and then, they can donate their beard growth to cancer treatment patients. 

Where did this initiative start?


The commendable initiative was initially started by Movember Foundation to speak for men's mental health concerns, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.

Can only men participate in the initiative?


When the cause is good and the will is strong, nothing can stop you! The initiative can be a part of women's life too. Women too can participate in the move by skipping waxing for a month and letting the hair on their legs grow, so that they can donate them later.

The history of the initiative 

Folks of the Chicagoland Hill family in California conceptualized the unique idea of "No Shave November '' in 2009. The aim was to raise money for charity for people suffering from cancer and other related ailments.

They did not come up with the idea all of a sudden. The inception of the move had a personal connection for the family. It was a group of 8 children of the family who brought about the idea, after seeing their father Mathew Hill succumb to death from colon cancer in the month of November in 2007.

It is important to note that "Movember'' began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. The Movember was initiated by four friends, Luke Slattery, Justin Coghlan, Travis Garone, and Adam Garon.


Finally, the difference between Movember and No Shave November 


It won't be wrong to say that the two initiatives are closely related. However, "No Shave November" is a bit flexible in its approach and the participants are free to trim and groom. 

On the other hand, Movember as an initiative prohibits the use of scissors, razors, and more such equipment.


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