What is Norovirus? Check Symptoms, Preventive Measures, Treatment, and Incubation Period of the virus

Norovirus Outbreak in India: As India is reeling from the economic and social destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, another highly contagious virus has been detected in Ernakulam. Read the article to know more about the symptoms, preventive measures, treatment, and incubation period of the virus.
What is Norovirus? Check Symptoms, Preventive Measures, Treatment, and Incubation Period of the virus
What is Norovirus? Check Symptoms, Preventive Measures, Treatment, and Incubation Period of the virus

Infection with the norovirus has been confirmed in Ernakulam. The virus infected three pupils at a private school in Kakkanad. The students are receiving medical care at a hospital. They displayed symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting, and an examination revealed the infection.

There is also a possibility that some parents have the virus. To stop the virus's spread, the school has been closed for three days. There are tests being done to see if there are more infected students.

What is Norovirus?

It is a group of viruses that leads to gastrointestinal illness. It causes inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines, in addition to severe vomiting and diarrhoea. 

The virus can be transferred from an infected to a healthy individual through contaminated surfaces or food. The virus can primarily be transmitted from oral-faecal.

A person can be infected with different varieties of norovirus several times in their lives, but developing immunity to one type doesn't provide protection against other varieties. 


Norovirus Outbreak: When does the outbreak occur?

The outbreak can happen almost any time in a given year, however, much of the positive cases are registered between November to April. 

Who are at risk of getting infected with Norovirus?

The virus can affect people across all age groups but is known to cause serious symptoms in children, the elderly and people with comorbidities.

Norovirus Symptoms and Incubation Period


The incubation period for Norovirus is 12 to 48 hours and the condition of the patient starts to get better within 1 to 3 days, provided that the treatment is provided on time. The symptoms of the highly contagious virus are as follows:

1- Diarrhoea
2- Vomiting
3- Stomach ache
4- Gastrointestinal problems
5- Fever
6- Headache
7- Body ache

Norovirus Treatment: What are the available treatments to cure the virus?

While there is no specific treatment available to cure the virus, however, generic medications for diarrhoea and vomiting can help cure the disease. Infected individuals are also advised to drink a lot of water to help prevent dehydration. 

How to prevent Norovirus?

Norovirus can be prevented by following the below-mentioned instructions:

1- Maintain hand hygiene, i.e., washing hands with soap and warm water before consuming food and after using the loo. Avoid sanitiser as alcohol doesn't kill the virus.

2- Disinfect your home with the help of a bleach-based home cleaner.

3- Avoid cooking meals for 48 hours if you are ill.

4- Use boiled water for drinking and cooking purposes.


5- Use chlorinated water for domestic use. 

6- Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. 

7-  Sea fish and shellfish such as crab and mussels must only be consumed after they are well cooked. 

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