Optical Illusion: Finding the hidden parrot is super easy and super fun! Try this fun challenge!

Parrots are super cute beings. Can you spot the hidden parrot in this image?
Find the hidden parrot!
Find the hidden parrot!

Have you ever thought of keeping a parrot as a pet?

If you answered the question with a yes, then trust us, you have very good taste in pet parenting! Parrots can be extremely great pets. First things first, they are super cute to handle. These beings are actually somewhere God’s favorite beings, as He took a few days extra to create parrots.


Don’t believe us? Have a look at this picture!

Image Source: Wallpaper Flare


Don’t you think every parrot, no matter what the color, appears to be one great masterpiece enlivened by a canvas of an artist? Don’t you wonder why nature was feeling so incredibly happy and alive the day it decided to create parrots? Yes, parrots are incredible beings with mesmerizing bodies and incredible abilities. 


Don’t believe us? Here are some exciting facts about parrots that might make you believe how amazing these beings actually are!

They use their beaks for tasting!

Here comes another astounding fact about the beaks of parrots. Not only are the parrot beaks beautiful and strong, but they also help the parrot taste. Yes, you read that right, the tops of the beaks help parrots to taste.

Their beaks are actually very strong

Have you ever wondered why the beak of a parrot is so beautiful? Well, we do not have an answer to this question, maybe nature wanted to be creative with parrot beaks. However, their beaks are not only beautiful but also very strong. They have the potential to break even the hardest of nuts.


Optical Illusion: Finding a cat in this image is super hard! Can you find the hidden cat?

The toes of parrots are actually zygodactyl!

Yes, while most birds have three toes in the front and one foot behind to help them hold a strong grip, parrots are bestowed with an even more efficient grip. Two toes of the parrot are in front and two in the back.

Wait, didn’t we promise a fun challenge?

Talking about parrots totally made us forget the challenge. Now that we know what to do next, scroll down to go through the rules of the challenge!


The Rules

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple. We will be presenting you with a beautiful picture. You can take a moment or to adore the scenic beauty, but once you are done, the challenge will commence. All you have to do in the challenge is find the hidden parrot in just 10 seconds. No worries, the challenge is an easy-peasy one! Hey, who will keep a track of the time? The parrot? Well, we cannot expect the creature to keep an eye on the clock. Well, that’s when your smartphone would help us. Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Begin looking for the hidden parrot just when the tick-tick of the timer starts. Stop just when the timer asks you to stop. Excited? Let’s begin!

Find the hidden parrot in just 10 seconds!


Image Source: Mind Oddities


Could you find the hidden parrot?

Well, the challenge was super-easy!

Here was the cute parrot hiding all this while!


Image Source: Mind Oddities


Wasn’t the challenge simply super easy yet fun?

Well, we never fail to entertain our dear readers!


Let’s end the piece of content with yet another fact you need to know about parrots.

One-third of the world’s parrots are facing extinction!


Sadly, habitat destruction and poaching are contributing to many species of parrots getting extinct. Many parrot species have been recorded in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.  Yes, it is high time we appreciate and protect this beautiful creature created by the Almighty!

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