Optical Illusion: Finding a cat in this image is super hard! Can you find the hidden cat?

Cats are mysterious beings. They are experts at hiding, and our readers are experts at fetching. Can you find the hidden cat in the image in just 10 seconds?
Can you find the hidden cat? Well, the challenge is not that easy!
Can you find the hidden cat? Well, the challenge is not that easy!

What is it that makes life interesting? Well, we never intended to start the content with a dull, philosophical context, but the answer to the adobe question definitely has to be “challenges”. No, we aren’t talking about huge, traumatic setbacks that are difficult to bear. We are talking about bittersweet challenges that excite our everyday lives. 

For instance, the challenge of crossing the road on a rainy day when you do not carry an umbrella, the challenge of finding the last page you read of your favorite book when you haven’t made use of a bookmark, or the challenge of creating a cute coffee design for your loved one but eventually messing up?

Aren’t these challenges simply so beautiful yet a bit hard that they make you frustrated for the moment, but you eventually get a funny story to share with your friends and family later on?

That is the beauty of challenges1 Just like moments of happiness, challenges too make you feel alive. They give you the fuel to fight, build your confidence in your abilities, and help you feel the urge of winning. They help you make optimum use of your brain so that you come out with flying colors. Even the tiniest of the tiniest achievements one gets after such challenges make them worth it.

When was the last time you actually felt grateful for the life challenges you have faced? Well, perhaps never, right? Challenges are necessary for human growth and are an integral part of our life!


Optical Illusion: Can you spot the hidden hamster in 10 seconds? We challenge you to find it!

Did we carry on with the motivational preaching for way too long?


We admit it, but we suppose that by now the point must be clear to our readers. If not, let us put it straight- we are about to challenge you a bit today! No, we won’t be asking you to cross a road without an umbrella while it's raining. All we’ll demand from you would be to find a hidden animal, let’s say a cat, in a picture!


Optical Illusion: Finding the hidden jaguar in this picture can be harder than your next competitive exam! Can you find it?

Can you spot the hidden cat in the following picture?

Well, of course, you can! Anyone with reasonably healthy eyesight would be easily able to find the hidden cat in the following image! Cats are excellent at hiding, but they won’t be able to deceive the human eye for long, especially when one can look at the picture for long hours.


The real fun comes when we attach a time limitation to the challenge! Yes, we can’t give you a complete day to look for the hidden cat. You only get 10 seconds to look for the hidden cat.

Optical Illusion: You may have strong eyesight, but can you find the hidden frog?

If that is the case, then who will keep a check at the time? The cat?


Well, the cat in this image is quite helpful. We asked the cat to hide in the picture so that we can offer some moments of fun to our readers and the cat generously agreed! We cannot afford to ask for more favors from the cat. So who will keep a check at the time?

Well, let your smartphone help us a bit! Set a timer for not more than 10 seconds on your phone. Remember, the cat loves honesty, so we should not cheat here! Simply start looking for the hidden cat just when the timer asks you to start. Now, stop the moment the timer’s tick-tick stops!

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?


Now that you are well-versed with the rules, you are all set to begin the challenge!

All the very best, dear readers!

Spot the hidden cat in just 10 seconds!

Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)


Meow! Meow!


Could you hear the voice of the cat? Well, the timer must have stopped by now, but let’s look at the cat once more!

Optical Illusion: Finding a tiger in this image isn’t as tough as it seems! Can you spot the hidden tiger in just 10 seconds?


Here is the cat hiding!

Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)


Phew! That is what we call a challenging task! 

Why on earth are such fun things so difficult?

 Wait, weren’t we preaching to our readers to be grateful for challenges in the beginning?


Optical Illusion: Finding the hippo in this image is super hard! Can you spot the hidden hippo in 10 seconds?

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