Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden spider in 10 seconds

Optical Illusion: There is a spider hiding in plain sight in this picture. Can you find the hidden spider within 10 seconds? Attempt this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Hidden Spider in 10 Seconds
Find Hidden Spider in 10 Seconds

Optical Illusions: The magic of optical illusions has enthralled netizens for a long time and to this day they are keeping netizens hooked. If you are visiting this page then it is because you love to solve optical illusion challenges.


Optical illusions help improve your observation skills along with providing good exercise for your brain.


There are three types of optical illusions namely literal, physiological and cognitive.


Apart from that optical illusions are also great tools to understand various mental disorders such as schizophrenia.


Get ready to experience the magic of optical illusion with a quick optical illusion challenge.


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Optical Illusion - Spot the Spider in 10 Seconds


Source: Reddit


The image depicted above shows a backyard scene in which you can see soil scattered all over the place, with grass straws and dried twigs of trees and some stones.


You are tasked with finding the spider in this picture within 10 seconds. 


Get, set, go..


Spiders are fascinating creatures with eight legs and the ability to spin webs that not only look beautiful but are in fact five times stronger than steel.

Fascinating, right?


The best way to solve this challenge is to concentrate on the picture and look for the spider in it.


Look carefully, the spider can be anywhere in the image.


Those with good observation skills can easily spot the spider in this image.


The clock is ticking.


How many of you have spotted the spider by now?


Did you know:


The Sydney funnel web spider is the deadliest spider species in the world. Its bite has caused several human deaths.

Back to the challenge


It is difficult to locate the spider at first glance as it has blended with the environment.


Hurry up.


Only a few seconds left.


Let us give you a hint.


The spider that you are searching for is a wolf spider which is known for hunting beetles, bugs and other insects.


Did you spot the spider?


Time’s up.


We believe some of you might have spotted the spider already, keep up the good work.


Those who are still searching can look below for the solution.


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