Rajesh Pilot Biography: Birth, Death, Family, Medals, Books, Legacy, IAF and Political Career

Rajesh Pilot Biography: Rajeshwar Prasad Singh Bidhuri was an Indian Politician, agriculturist, social worker and a former Indian Air Force (IAF) officer. June 11, 2020, marked his 20th death anniversary. His son Sachin Pilot is the Deputy CM of Rajasthan.
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Rajesh Pilot
Rajesh Pilot

Rajesh Pilot was an Indian Politician, agriculturist, social worker and a former Indian Air Force (IAF) officer. He was a member of the Indian National Congress Party and represented the Dausa constituency. June 11, 2020, marked his 20th death anniversary. His son Sachin Pilot is the Deputy CM of Rajasthan. 

Real Name Rajeshwar Prasad Singh Bidhuri
Birth February 10, 1945 (Ghaziabad)
Death June 11, 2000 (Jaipur)
Profession Indian Politician
Social Worker 
Indian Air Force (IAF) Officer
Wife Rama Pilot
Children Sachin Pilot (son)
Sarika Pilot (daughter)
Books Flight to Parliament
In the Public
Battles Indo-Pakistan War, 1971

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Rajesh Pilot: Birth and Education

Rajesh Pilot was born on February 10, 1945, as Rajeshwar Prasad Singh Bidhuri in the village Baidpura, Ghaziabad, India. He moved to Delhi to work as a milkman in his uncle’s dairy but was ambitious. His father's name was Jai Dayal Singh. Rajesh completed his graduation in Flying Educated at Meerut University, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and New Delhi.

Rajesh Pilot: Personal Life

On March 12, 1974,  Rajesh Pilot married Rama Pilot. The couple has two children-- Sachin Pilot (Son) and Sarika Pilot (Daughter). Sachin Pilot is an Indian Politician and currently serves as the Deputy CM of Rajasthan. Sachin Pilot is married to Farooq Abdullah's daughter, Sara. 

Rajesh Pilot: Air Force Career

On October 29, 1966, Rajeshwar Prasad was commissioned in the General Duties (Pilot) branch of the IAF as a pilot officer. After 5 years (On October 29, 1971), he was promoted to the post of flight lieutenant. On December 3, 1971, he fought in the Indo-Pakistan War as a bomber pilot and flew a modified de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou aircraft. On October 29, 1977, he was promoted to the post of the squadron leader.

In 1979, Rajeshwar Prasad, under the influence of his friend Rajiv Gandhi (former PM of India), resigned from the post of the Squadron leader while posted in Jaisalmer and joined politics. 

Rajesh Pilot: Political Career

1- In 1980, Rajeshwar Prasad contested the 7th Lok Sabha Elections from Bharatpur as an INC candidate and changed his surname from Prasad to Pilot. He won his first election against the former queen of Bharatpur and later emerged as a prominent Gujarat leader. 

2- In 1984, Rajesh contested and won 8th Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan. 

3- During 1985-1989, Rajesh Pilot served as the Union Minister for Surface Transport, Government of India. 

4- In 1987, Pilot established the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan trust.  

5- In 1988, on an official visit to the Netherlands, Rajesh's Dutch counterpart arranged an RNLAF F-16 for him to fly. On his return to India, Rajesh Pilot was invited by the Indian Air Force to test Mig-29. 

6- In 1991, Pilot contested and won the 10th Lok Sabha elections. During 1991-1993, he was the Minister for Telecommunication, Government of India. 

7- From 1992 onwards, Pilot became the member of the Congress Working Committee (C.W.C.). 

8- He also served as the Minister for Internal Security, Government of India from 1993-1995. 

9- During 1995-1996, Rajesh Pilot served as the Union Minister of Environment. 

10- In 1996, he was re-elected to the 11th Lok Sabha. 

11- From 1996-1997, Rajesh served as a member in the Committee on Defence. 

12- In 1998, he was re-elected to the 12th Lok Sabha. 

13- From 1998-1999, he served as a member in Committee on Defence and its Sub-Committee -I; Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence. 

14- In 1999, Rajesh was re-elected to the 13th Lok Sabha.

15- From 1999-2000, he served as the member in Committee on Defence.

16- From 1999 until his death in 2000, he served as the member in Committee on Public Accounts. 

Rajesh Pilot: Death

On June 11, 2000, Rajesh Pilot died in a car accident near Jaipur at the age of 55 years. 

Rajesh Pilot: Legacy

1- After his death in a car accident, India Post issued a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 5. 

2- Two roads, 'Gurjar Rajesh Pilot Marg' in New Delhi and 'Rajesh Pilot Rd' in Gurugram are named after him. 

Rajesh Pilot: Medals

Rajesh Pilot won several medals during his service in Indian Air Force. These are as follows:

1- Poorvi Star

2- Special Service Medal

3- Sangram Medal

4- Sainya Seva Medal

5- 25th Anniversary Independence Medal

6- 9 Years Long Service Medal 

Rajesh Pilot: Books

1- Flight to Parliament

2- In the Public

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