Who Put The Dog Out? And Where Is He Hiding? Help Mr. John Find The Hidden Dog In This Optical Illusion Image

Mr. John has lost his dog. He seems worried. Help Mr. John finds his dog in the image in just 10 seconds.
Find The Hidden Dog
Find The Hidden Dog

Dogs are loyal beings.


The Almighty has bestowed the beautiful quality of loyalty to dogs.


No matter how many postures or dog stunts a man trains his dog, if there is anything mankind can learn from pups is the trait of staying loyal.



However, no matter how loyal a pet dog is to its owner, the latter falls in trouble when the pup is upset.



We are talking about Mr. John here. It seems as if he isn't having a good day.


Maybe, you can help him out here!


Can you help the owner find his missing dog?


Harvest season is near and Mr. John is out for his regular farm work. He served the dog's favorite food to it, lightly stroked its fur, and went out for his work.



He, however, forgot to leash the dog!



Who put the dog out?



And where is the dog hiding?



Poor Mr. John! There is too much workload and his dog went MISSING!



Help Mr. John Find His Missing Dog!


The steps are pretty straightforward.  


Set a timer for 10 seconds in your phone. Hit the START button, and get started.




Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)



Don't worry, Mr. John's dog is lazy. He won't run out of the frame.



Could You Find It?

Bring some hot, fresh meat, and the dog will rush toward you sniffing for it!



Did the dog come?



Try calling the dog with its name! What’s its name?






Or Harley?



Well, the dog didn't listen yet. Try calling him Charlie!





Oh, Here Is The Dog!



Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)



Oh, dear Charlie, where were you?



Mr. John was so worried.



Actually, there has been a long time since Mr. John hasn’t played with Charlie on the farm.


Mr. John went quite busy with the harvest season preparations.


On weekends too, he spent his leisure time playing chess with his farmer friends or watching the prime-time news.


While the farmer was busy growing apples on the farm, the apple of his eyes felt ignored.



Our heart goes out to poor Charlie!



Anyway, Mr. John has learned his lesson and pledges to spend his free time with his cute pup.



Well done readers! You helped Mr. John find his cute dog, charming Charlie!



Also, do not forget to shower your affection on your pets and spend some quality moments with them.



Rush and stroke their fur, kiss their nose, and cuddle them a little tighter today!




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