Why Smartphone light is dangerous for health

Nowadays Smartphone are used by everyone, which has become an important part of life. With the help of these small devices we connect and update with each other, even this has become a great source of entertainment. The Smartphone has many benefits, but it can’t be ignored that the light coming out of the phone can cause significant damage to the health. Let's see how this light of the Smartphone is harmful for health.
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Why light coming from Smartphone is harmful for health
Why light coming from Smartphone is harmful for health

Nowadays everyone uses Smartphone. Day by day demand of Smartphone in such a busy life is increasing. People connect and update with each other with the help of these small devices, even this has become a great source of entertainment. It is also being used to track everything like shopping, movie tickets, flight tickets, reading, etc. Due to handling so many tasks in minutes, the Smartphone has replaced books, alarm clocks, cameras and notepads.
Even we can see that in a family instead of people there are more number of Smart phones. Now a days, life is incomplete without Smartphone, it has also become a habit with a necessity. Although there are many benefits of using the Smartphone but these incredible devices also have some of their own drawbacks. Specifically, if you use your Smartphone for a long time, you need to know that the light coming from them can harm your health and invite many diseases too. Let's see how the light of the Smartphone is harmful for health.
How lights coming from the Smartphone are harmful for health?

Why lights coming from phone is dangerous for health
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Our body naturally follows a cycle which allows us to stay awake and be alert during the day and helps us to get the necessary rest in the night. But when we go to sleep and then look at these screens our brain gets confused. The brain produces melatonin hormone at night, which indicates our body to sleep, but due to the use of the Smartphone at that time, the light coming from it confuses the brain and it can’t work properly. Due to which many types of health problems arises.
1. If for a long period of time, you are not able to sleep, then it may be neurotoxin build up, which makes it difficult to take good sleep. Insomnia can also be caused which is also a type of sleeping related disease.
2. Because of the Smartphone, sleep gets spoiled at night, so it can be difficult to learn any new thing next day or the brain does not work properly, feels tired.
3. When the melatonin hormone does not work properly, due to the light coming from the Smartphone, then it also affect other hormones, which cannot control appetite properly, potentially increases the risk of obesity.

Blue light coming from smartphone

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4. Deteriorating your sleep schedule, headache, confusion problem and also affect your memory.
5. A research has revealed that the Smartphone has about 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Just think once about how many times you use the phone while you are eating and how many bacteria will enter the body through your hands.
6. Due to the light of the Smartphone, the melatonin hormone does not work properly in people, which further leads to the problem of depression.
7. There is some relation between the light coming from Smartphone and the sleep, due to which the possibility of prostate and breast cancer increases in women.
8. The blue light coming from the Smartphone can also lead to cataract- diseases in the eyes. Even when directly blue light enters our eyes, it can damage the retina also. Apart from this, many people are used to, of using the Smartphone at night or in dark, but they are unaware that how much it can affect the eyes and cause serious problems.

Sleeping problem due to mobile phone radiation

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9. It would not be wrong to say that mobile was invented to connect people so that people will remain in touch. But in today's time the phone has isolated the person. Since the arrival of social media, people are busy in chatting more than meeting each other outside or we can say that outdoor activities are reduced.
10. Do you know about Nomophobia? Fear of losing a mobile phone or fear of a poor signal is called Nomophobia. May be for the short time, but the experience of losing a mobile phone is happened with everyone. Nowadays the user feels incomplete and nervous without a phone.
It will not be wrong to say that the Smartphone has become a vital part of life nowadays, but we should use it properly so that the health remains healthy. If possible, use less in the night because these radiations can lead to harmful diseases which even can’t be cured. So, it’s better to take precaution first rather than becoming ill.

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