World Anaesthesia Day 2022: History, Significance, Wishes and Quotes

World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on October 16 to mark the first successful demonstration of diethyl ether anaesthesia in 1846.
World Anesthesia Day 2022
World Anesthesia Day 2022

World Anesthesia Day or National Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on October 16 to mark the first successful demonstration of diethyl ether anesthesia in 1846.

It is considered as one of the most significant events in the history of medicine and was given in an operating theatre at the  Massachusetts General Hospital. This discovery helped the patients to undergo surgical treatments without any pain associated with them. 

Since 1903, special events are organized to celebrate this remarkable day. The  World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists celebrates World Anaesthesia Day every year. In this event more than 134 societies representing anesthesiologists from more than 150 countries take part. 

Anesthesia is a department of medicine and is  divided into 4 categories: 

1- General anaesthesia
2- Regional anaesthesia
3- Monitored anaesthesia care  
4- Local anaesthesia

Wishes on World Anesthesia Day

1- Can’t imagine what it might have felt to undergo surgery before 18th October 1846. Glad to be able to celebrate World Anesthesia Day today! 

2- Here’s to appreciating the work of Anesthesiologists. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

3- Surgeries have become so much easier thanks to the practice of administering anaesthesia. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

4- Anesthetists are responsible for the preoperative care of the patients. Cheers to them and wish them all a very happy World Anesthesia Day! 

5- All a patient does during an operation is sleep and this is because of the use of Anesthesia. Happy World Anesthesia Day!
6- Needles sewing up the cracked head feels way more painful than it sounds but thanks to anaesthetists, we don’t have to feel it. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

7- This day reminds us to appreciate the toil of the doctors who had successfully demonstrated ether amnesia. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

8- Cheers to the doctors who administer anaesthesia to the patients and make it a point that the patient does not feel the pain. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

9- The eighteenth of October commemorates a milestone in the history of medical sciences. Happy World Anesthesia Day!
10- This 18th October, let us acknowledge the greatness of anaesthesia. Happy World Anesthesia Day! 

Quotes on World Anesthesia Day 

1- Anesthesia is quite remarkable. Its lost time. And you wake up kind of refreshed. 

2- I’m a big believer in anaesthesia. I think it should be used for every medical procedure, including routine physicals. 

3- It is surely important that the differences between coma, deep sleep, being under anaesthesia, on the one hand, and being alert on the other, all involve changes in the brain. 

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