Best Books for IAS Prelims 2019 Preparation, Study Material

Jagranjosh in its endeavor to provide quality study material to its reader has decided to come out with IAS Preliminary Paper 1 Study Material which has eBooks on various topics related to Paper-1.

Below are details of the IAS Prelims 2016 Ebooks and their launch dates.

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IAS Prelims 2015 General Studies Paper I Solution with Explanation


IAS Prelims 2015 Current Affairs e-book


Comprehensive English for IAS Prelims 2016


IAS Prelims 2015 Indian Economy

5 IAS Prelims Exam Environmental Ecology & Bio-diversity ebook

Please Note:

•  Those Ebooks, which are not launched when you buy the package, will be mailed to you.
•  Please ensure that you are aware of the launch dates of all the Ebooks before you buy the package.
•  These are Ebooks and not physical books.

Each of the candidates feels that there is dearth of well written, compact and effective  Study Material which can be accessed anywhere on the go, can make studies more interesting and provide ore simulated conditions to prepare for the IAS Prelims. has taken this initiative to prepare the study material which is compact, effective and which can be accessed even from the Mobile through the Internet.