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General Knowledge (GK) Quiz: General Questions & Answers


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GK Quiz:  General
GK Quiz: General

General Knowledge Quiz.

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1.  What is the longest bone in the human body?

a.    Fibula
b.    Ulna
c.    Femur
d.    Tibia
e.    Sternum   

2.  What is the largest desert in the world?

a.    Arabian Desert
b.    Gobi  Desert
c.    Sahara Desert
d.    Great Victoria
e.    Great Basin  

3.  What is the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth?

a.    Sputnik 1
b.    Explorer 1
c.    Vanguard 1
d.    Discoverer 1
e.    SCORE   

4.  Which country has the largest armed forces?

a.    India
b.    China
c.    Russia
d.    USA
e.    North Korea

5.  Which country has the longest border?

a.    Brazil
b.    China
c.    USA
d.    USSR
e.    India

6.  Which is the biggest underground railway network?

a.    Tokyo
b.    USA
c.    Moscow
d.    Seoul
e.    New York

7.  Which of the following countries is the host of 2016 Olympic Games?

a.    Brazil
b.    Italy
c.    United Kingdom
d.    South Africa
e.    USA

8.  What is the name of the Indian State with the least population?

a.    Sikkim
b.    Goa
c.    Nagaland
d.    Tripura
e.    None of the  above

9.  Sugar Disease is called
a.    Jaundice
b.    Typhoid
c.    Diabetes
d.    Hysteria
e.    Malaria   


10.  The Council of States in India is generally known as:

a.    Lok Sabha
b.    Raj Sabha
c.    Parliament
d.    AD hoc Committee
e.    None of the Above



1. C
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. C

By:vaideek gautam | On:15-SEP-2014 19:14:35

this is a brilliant website to increase gk of children

By:alina riaz | On:14-SEP-2014 16:15:28

a good and helpful site.Iam pleased by this effort and would definately want many more questions like the above ones specificly focusing on social studies and general knowledge.I am going to recommend this site to all my teachers and friends.Keep up the good effort!

By:sudha nandkishor damekar | On:29-AUG-2014 22:29:14

Common questions I could answer 9of them . Anyways good one .:-)

By:parvinder singh | On:22-JUL-2014 19:21:55

preet nagar (diagiana) near deva palace 180001

By:Rakshita Seetohul | On:15-JUN-2014 20:00:54

It is very easy try it and thanks

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