GK Questions & Answers on Science: Biology- Cell: Structure and Functions

07-FEB-2018 17:57
    What is cell, its structure and function

    All living organisms are made up of cells. It is the basic, structural and functional unit of life. Also, it is known as "Building blocks of life". Cell biology is the study of cell. It consists of organells which have different functions and helps the cell to survive. This article deals with the cell, its structure and functions in the form of Questions and Answers.

    1. Who discovered cell in 1665?

    a) Robert Hook

    b) Robert Crook

    c) David Thomson

    d) Marie Francois

    Ans. a)

    2. Name an Organelle which serves as a primary packaging area for molecules that will be distributed throughout the cell?

    a) Mitochondria

    b) Plastids

    c) Golgi apparatus

    d) Vacuole

    Ans. c)

    3. Name the outer most boundary of cell?

    a) Plasma membrane

    b) Cytoplasm

    c) Nuclear membrane

    d) None of the above

    Ans. a)

    4. Name the process in which the ingestion of material by the cells is done through the plasma membrane?

    a) Egestion

    b) Diffusion

    c) Osmosis

    d) Éndocytosis

    Ans. d)

    5. Which among the following sentence is not correct about the organelles?

    a) They are found in all Eukaryotic cells.

    b) They are found in multicellular organisms.

    c) They coordinate to produce the cell.

    d) They are small sized and mostly internal.

    Ans. b)

    what is the function of Earwax in the Human Body?

    6. Name the process in which the passage of water goes from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane?

    a) Diffusion

    b) Osmosis

    c) Both a) and b)

    d) Neither a) nor b)

    Ans. b)

    7. Name an organism which contains single chromosome and cell division occurs through fission or budding?

    a) Eukaryotes

    b) Prokaryotes

    c) Bacteria

    d) Primitive organism

    Ans. b)

    8. Name the process in which the membrane of a vesicle can fuse with the plasma membrane and extrude its contents to the surrounding medium?

    a) Exocytosis

    b) Endocytosis

    c) Osmosis

    d) Diffusion

    Ans. a)

    9. The jelly like substance present inside the cell is known as:

    a) Cytoplasm

    b) Ectoplasm

    c) Nucleoplasm

    d) None of the above

    Ans. a)

    10. Blue green Algae are:

    a) Prokaryotes

    b) Eukaryotes

    c) Both a) and b)

    d) Neither a) nor b)

    Ans. a)

    Which technique helps to grow artificial ear in the Human Body?

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