Adjust to new college life with these easy steps

We know that the transition from school to college can be hard and you might find yourself caught up in middle of things way too often. You can follow these steps to adjust well in college.

Adjust to new college life with these easy steps
Adjust to new college life with these easy steps

College life comes with the kind of independence most of the students have not known as school goers. For some people things become really difficult but by following these steps they can make their journey from school to college easy and smooth.

The idea of not having parents or guardians around might appear to be amazing but it is they who keep things organized for us and are always there call us out if we go wrong. When you enter college, their interference becomes far less, especially if you are moving out. This is when the things start getting tricky. While you love the freedom, you miss the supervision.

Following these steps will make you go through this change effortlessly:

1. Make The Most Of The First Week

Get to know as many things as you can about your college in the first week itself so that you do not waste time in getting started with your studies and other activities. Know about the resources the college has to offer and try to know what each of your subjects demand. You can also get in touch with your advisors for better help.

2. Clear Things Out With The Roommate

If you are moving out and living in a shared room in college hostel, you will need to be extra cautious and make yourself very clear to your roommate. Tell them about your study timings and ask them about theirs. Try not to be rude with this person because you going to spend an year with them and it might get difficult to get through with so much hostility around.

3. Attend Seminars And Discussions

It is important that throughout your time in college, you are present and involved. Most of the students tend to not give significance to seminars and discussions held by the college but these can prove to be a big mistake as these are the places where you meet people who share inclinations and passions with you. Attend orientations of various departments and join one you would  like. This will not only increase your social circle but also help you in passing time.

4. Save Money From Start

It never hurts to have money saved for yourself as you will be going to need it in further in college. Your expenses will only increase once the semester proceeds and so you must learn to save money from the starting itself, even if it is not too much. Learn more about student concessions at various places and open a separate savings account so that they money is not at your immediate reach.

5. Spend Time Organizing And Decorating Your Room

This activity will make you really happy as your room is the place where you are going to spend a lot of your time. Decorate the room  as per your desire but make sure you do not clutter it because that is not the kind of lifestyle you want. Put pictures of your family members and your pet on your wall to remind yourself that how lucky you are to have them in your life, even if they are not physically there with you. You can also paste inspirational posters which will be your daily motivation.

6. Take Care Of Your Health

The transition from school to college often becomes more difficult because of bad health. While your parents are just a call away and they will guide you through things, health matters are best taken care of personally. You are mature enough to know what food suits you and things you are allergic towards. You do not have the luxury of home cooked food in college so make sure that what you are eating is healthy. Avoid eating too much junk.

7. Socialize

This is arguably the biggest factor in making school-college transition smooth. You will need people to make you feel better. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity of living with so many people and try to talk to as many of them as possible. Apart from your college mates, you should also talk to people at hostel mess and the college staff. Be friendly with others and you will get that back.

8. Act Responsibly

It is very easy to get distracted during initial phase of college because of the new found freedom. The restrictions are next to zero and students try so many things for the first time. In the process, they sometimes pick bad habits which soon become a part of their lifestyle. It takes a lot of time to get rid of these habits, not to mention after they have done substantial damage. You should have fun, responsibly.

Entering college is a defining moment in any student's life and the change it brings in their lives is very big. By following above steps you can save yourself from unnecessary worries and will be able to adapt better to the new environment.

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