CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper Pre-Board 2015

Here you can find the Chemistry Practice Paper for CBSE Class 12 Pre-Board 2015. It includes a various set of questions with assigned score for each.

Created On: Nov 6, 2014 16:05 IST
Modified On: Feb 24, 2015 14:13 IST

Find CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper for Pre-Board 2015. This paper is a collection of questions from the previous year question papers, along with fresh new questions and has been framed keeping the Students' perspective in mind. This will help the Students by building a sound concept before their Pre-Board Examination.

Q. How does molar conductivity of a strong electrolyte vary with the dilution of electrolyte solution?

Q. Write the equation of the reaction involved in the preparation of  Buna-S-rubber.

Q. What Define the term, homo-polymerization, giving an example.

Q. Name the two groups into which phenomenon of catalysis can be divided. Give an example of each group with chemical equation involved.

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