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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Last 5+1 Years’ Long Answer Type II Questions

Jan 25, 2017 16:10 IST

    CBSE Class 12 Mathematics previous 5 + 1 years’ long answer type II questions are available in this article. These questions are important for coming CBSE class 12 Mathematics board exam.

    The pattern of coming CBSE class 12th Maths exam 2017 will be completely different from last year. One can easily understand the new paper pattern of CBSE class 12th Maths by going through general instruction of class 12th Maths sample paper 2017 issued by CBSE.

    In order to understand the level of questions which can be asked in CBSE class 12 Mathematics examination 2017, students of CBSE class 12 must go through these previous year questions.

    The solutions of these questions are available in CBSE Class 12th Solved Previous Years' Papers (Last 5+ 1 years') PCM:  eBook

    Some randomly selected questions from the last previous year class 12 Maths question paper are given below

    Prove that the curves y2 = 4x, and x2 = 4y divide the area of square bounded by x = 0, x = 4, y =4 and y = 0 into three equal parts.

    Show that the binary operation on A = R ‒ {‒1}. A is defined as a*b = a + b + ab for all a, b  A is commutative and associative on A. Also find the identity element of in A and prove that every element of A is invertible

    A shopkeeper has 3 varieties of pens ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. Meenu purchased 1 pen of each variety for a total of Rs. 21. Jeevan purchased 4 pens of ‘A’ variety, 3 pens of ‘B’ variety and 2 pens of ‘C’ variety for Rs. 60. While Shikha purchased 6 pens of ‘A’ variety, 2 pens of ‘B’ variety and 3 pens of ‘C’ variety for Rs 70. Using matrix method, find cost of each variety of pen.

    There are two types of fertilizers ‘A’ and ‘B’. ‘A’ consists of 12% nitrogen and 5 % phosphoric acid whereas ‘B’ consists of 4% nitrogen and 5% phosphoric acid. After testing the soil conditions, farmer finds that he needs at least 12 kg of nitrogen and 12 kg of phosphoric acid for his crops. If ‘A’ costs Rs. 10 per kg and B costs Rs 8 per kg, then graphically determine how much of each type of fertilizer should be used so that nutrient requirements are met at a minimum cost.

    Prove that the least perimeter of an isosceles triangle in which a circle of radius r can be inscribed is 6√3r.

    If the sum of lengths of hypotenuse and a side of a right angled triangle is given, show that area of triangle is maximum, when the angle between them is π/3.

    Five bad oranges are accidently mixed with 20 good ones. If four oranges are drawn one by one successively with replacement, then the probability distribution of number of bad oranges drawn. Hence find the mean and variance of the distribution.

    Two numbers are selected at random (without replacement) from six positive integers. Let X denotes the larger of the two numbers obtained. Find the probability distribution of X. Find the mean and variance of this distribution.

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