CBSE helpline 2018: More boys called for counselling than girls

In order to seek right counselling and beat exam related stress, this year more boys called the CBSE counselling helpline than girls. Know some more facts about the official statistics of CBSE’s helpline 2018.

Created On: May 21, 2018 12:15 IST
CBSE Online Counselling Service
CBSE Online Counselling Service

Every year, at the time of examinations, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) provides psychological counselling services to students to help them overcome the exam related stress. This year also the board started the online counselling provision for the CBSE students. An interesting fact revealed by the board’s official statistics is that this year more boys called up the CBSE counselling helpline with stress-related queries during exams than girls.

As per official statistics, the CBSE helpline received nearly three times more calls from boys than from girls from February 1 to May 16.

The CBSE’s annual counselling is an outreach programme which caters to students’ exam related queries and beat exam stress begins in February every year and continues till April.

However, this year students continue calling the helpline even after results are announced for all the classes except the board classes 10th and 12th.

Some very frequent queries the counselling team is trying to address are regarding

  • break-up issues
  • the parent-children argument
  • difficulty in memorising
  • nervousness and others.

Some prominent facts about the CBSE’s counselling 2018 statistics are:

  • A total of 3467 callers were addressed out of which 373 were parents.
  • Out of 3094 calls received from students, only 962 were girls where as the number of calls received from boys was 2132.
  • 1523 callers were from class 10 and 1431 were from class 12. The remaining 140 students were from other classes.
  • 472 of the student callers were from government schools and 2509 were from private schools.
  • 113 private candidates also called the helpline.
  • 74 calls were regarding career related queries.
  • 17 calls were received from specially abled children
  • Also parents of 8 specially-abled children called the helpline.
  • The board also received 177 calls from students of other boards, maximum of them being from UP Board.

This year a total of 91 counselors which included principals CBSE affiliated schools, trained counsellors, few Psychologists and Special Educators were roped in to address the exam related psychological problems of the students.

Different modes to avail CBSE's counselling  for Board Exams

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