Environment and Ecology Question Set 8 for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

Environment and Ecology Questions are very important part for the IAS Prelims Exam because the Syllabus is very vast and the terminology is very specific. Study the important questions here

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1.    Which Biome is characterised by rapid nutrient cycling and high biomass?

a)    Deciduous forests
b)    Tropical rain forests
c)    Tundra
d)    Savanna forests


2.    If a species is endemic, it is:

a)    Confined to a particular area
b)    Widely distributed but with large gaps between regions
c)    Confined to ground level and rarely reaches heights above a metre
d)    Forming symbiotic relationships with other plants


3.    What is the name of a species that is highly connected to the entire food web and whose loss may result in ecosystem collapse?

a)    Keystone species
b)    Limiting species
c)    Top species
d)    Vital species


4.    Which of the following does not help regulate global carbon dioxide concentrations?

a)    Releasing carbon dioxide following decay
b)    Storing carbon in the soil and biomass
c)    Absorbing carbon dioxide for photosynthesis
d)    Alterations in rainfall patterns


5.    Which of the following is an organism that survives on dead organic matter?

a)    Rhizome
b)    Detritus
c)    Saprovore
d)    Omnivore


6.    On average, what percentage of energy is passed on to a consumer in the next trophic level?

a)    60%
b)    10%
c)    80%
d)    0.2%


7.    Nutritional eutrophication can cause bloom in which of the following populations?

a)    Phytoplankton
b)    River reeds
c)    Salmon
d)    Water fleas


8.    CNG stands for:

a)    Compressed Natural Gasoline
b)    Compressed Natural Gas
c)    Compressed Nitrogen Gas
d)    Compressed Neon Gas


9.    Which of the following is a major pollutant causing acid rain?

a)    Carbon dioxide
b)    Sulphur dioxide
c)    Hydrogen peroxide
d)    Carbon monoxide


10.    The phenomenon of corrosion of marble due to acid rain:

a)    Marble Fever
b)    Marble Cancer
c)    Marble Rain
d)    Marble Pain


11.    An alternative source of energy to fuel energy:

a)    Tidal Energy
b)    Petroleum
c)    Nuclear Energy
d)    Compressed Natural Gas


12.    The best way to dispose plant waste:

a)    Burning
b)    Composting
c)    Dumping in a water body
d)    Incineration


13.    The term ‘dead’ with respect to a water body refers to:

a)    The inability of a water body to sustain aquatic life
b)    The ability of a water body to sustain aquatic life
c)    The inability of a water body to flow
d)    The heating or cooling of a water body


14.    A water borne disease:

a)    Small Pox
b)    Meningitis
c)    Diarrhea
d)    Cholera


15.    Example of renewable resource is:

a)    Clay
b)    Sand
c)    Water
d)    Fossil fuels






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