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COVID19 has restricted the movement of people around the city and therefore download ePathshala app to read and understand your NCERT books in a snap. ePathshala promotes self-learning which is the biggest asset for the students.

Created On: May 19, 2020 13:13 IST
ePathshala Online Portal and App
ePathshala Online Portal and App

For the school students, lockdown is a challenging time especially during the beginning of the session when the books and syllabus both are novel. COVID19 has restricted the movement of people around the city and therefore, teachers are putting their best foot forward to teach students through online classes. It cannot be denied that although the student-teacher interaction is possible through mobile, video conferencing, but there is a room for doubts while studying the NCERT books. The language of the chapters, back exercises, question answers, everything becomes confusing initially for the students.

To overcome this problem of understanding the novel NCERT syllabus and chapters, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in collaboration with National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has launched ePathshala online portal and mobile app through which students can decode NCERT chapters. In this article, you will find out crucial details on uses of ePathshala, how to use ePathshala, ePathshala scanner and many more details:

About ePathshala Online Portal

ePathshala was launched in 2015 with an aim to promote self-learning among the school students. The portal hosts various school teachers, researchers, experts, parents and most importantly students who can access the facility of resolving their queries.

Students who have registered to the ePathshala online portal or mobile app can access educational material, including textbooks, audio, video, periodicals and a variety of other print and non-print materials that too free of cost. There are no charges to access the e-learning resource.

How to use ePathshala?

ePathshala is an easy to use digital learning platform that can be accessed through the desktop, laptop or mobile. Students need to follow these steps to understand the functioning of ePathshala:

Refer to the NCERT chapter

At the top of every chapter in the NERT books, a Quick Response (QR) code is provided at the top corner.

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Scan the Code through ePathshala

Once you scan the code through the ePathshala app, you will be able to access audio, video aids and relevant eResources related to the chapter.

So as and when you read the new chapter, scan the QR codes and you will find relevant and important aids related to that lesson of the NCERT book.

If you use your Desktop or Laptop to study the chapters, then click on the direct link provided below to unlock the chapter details:

Access eResource - Direct Link

As shown in the image above, enter the details of the QR code and click on ‘GO’.

ePathshala Mobile App

Mobile has become the way of life and even the students have their personal mobile these days. Keeping this consideration in mind, ePathshala has been launched for the Android and iOS users also. Click on the direct link provided below or visit Google Play Store to download the e-learning app.

Download ePathshala Mobile App – Direct Link

ePathshala Scanner

The ePathshala app is loaded with various features for multiparty usage such as teachers, parents, experts and students. However, if you wish to cut-off the other features and want to scan just the QR code, then there is another app that will consume less space from the storage capacity of your mobile, ePathshala Scanner.

Through this app, you will be able to scan the QR codes of every chapter and find solutions to the chapter in-progress.

Download ePathshala scanner – Direct Link

ePathshala Scanner is faster and provides AD FREE service to the users.

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