Expert Speak – Counsellor Ritesh Jain on Counselling for Professional Courses

Professional Courses are high in demand among students today. They offer practical training and helps one build a career that is not only lucrative but also satisfying. Career Counsellor Ritesh Jain explains why students must opt for career counselling before opting for professional courses and how it can help you build a bright future ahead.

Created On: Aug 20, 2018 12:43 IST
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Expert Speak – Counsellor Ritesh Jain
Expert Speak – Counsellor Ritesh Jain

Career Counsellor Ritesh Jain in Conversation with

Extracts from the Interview:

His Professional Profile

Mr Ritesh Jain is a career counsellor, motivational speaker and an award winning aptitude teacher

Career Counselling for MBA students

T.I.M.E is very well known for CAT preparation, but at the same time T.I.M.E is also very popular for preparation for undergraduate level professional courses like IPM, CLAT, BMS, BBA and a host of other exams like Journalism etc. It is also known for preparations for recruitment exams for Banking, SSC, Metro and Railways. This is where T.I.M.E. helps students by providing them counselling to find the right career path for them.

MBA Entrance Exams Getting Tougher

While many believe it to be a negative development, MBA entrance exams getting tougher is actually good news for MBA aspirants. This is because, with tougher MBA exams, aspirants now need fewer marks to get the same percentile. For instance, a student scoring 99 percentile means that there are 99% students who are behind him/her. Simply put, with MBA exams getting tougher, now aspirants need fewer marks to score higher percentile. In other words, MBA Entrance exams are all about competition among the students rather than a student’s competition against the exam / question paper itself.

About the Expert:

Mr. Ritesh Jain is the Principal Career Counsellor and Director of T.I.M.E. Ghaziabad. For the last 10 years, he has been helping students prepare for various exams including the CAT. In addition, he also helps students make the right career decisions keeping in view their strengths and aptitude. Let’s find out how!

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