What can companies do to make their organizations more Women-Friendly?

In a study, the workplaces of about 100 companies have been found friendly to women professionals. Here the benchmarks of study.

Created On: May 31, 2017 13:45 IST
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How to make your company more women friendly?
How to make your company more women friendly?

The 'Working Mother Media' and 'AVTAR' group jointly surveyed companies, collected facts and figures, and subsequently ranked 100 of them as ‘Best Workplace for Women Professionals in India’. It was quite prestigious and soul-satisfying moment for the representatives of companies when their companies received the due respect on November 10, 2016 at an award reception in Mumbai, India. The study not only assessed the current status of women workplaces in India but also offers opportunity to other organisations to compare with 100 best companies.

To know the parameters, eligibilities, and features the 100 best companies fulfilled to attain such a prestigious and soul-satisfying title, you need to first know the benchmarks that the researchers had decided previously. Here the benchmarks.

Inclusive Policies That Benefit The Women Professionals

On this front, the 100 best companies are exercising inclusive policies that benefit the women professionals. In the corporate world, professionals work on five important positions, including non-managers, managers, senior managers, corporate executives and Board of Directors. In the 100 best companies, around 25% of the total workforce is women. On another hand, the percentage women professionals are 32% in top ten companies.

Policies That Nurture The Women Leadership Skills

In a bid to encourage women professionals to lead the companies’ routine operations, the 100 best companies have adopted innovative, encouraging, and productive policies.Through the continuous exercise of such policies in their routine operation, the companies recruit, retain, and develop the overall personality of women professionals.

Safety Of Women Professionals Is Supreme Priority 

In days of increasing crime ratio against women, the 100 best companies have put the ‘safety of women’ at supreme priority. The companies are abided by the laws that ensure the safety and security of working women professionals.


With the digitalisation and hi-tech resources, these 100 best companies have adopted innovative format and pattern of work which includes flexi-time (flexible in and out times) and remote working and telecommuting. This gives an opportunity to professionals, especially working women to pick and choose the format and pattern according to their comfort.  

Timely Leaves, Offs, And Required Assistance

Parenthood is one of the most important life events where the newborn or adopted child needs the both care and the caregiver. Approving the required leaves, and facilities are those things which make a company more employee friendly. The 100 best companies offer its employees paid paternal leaves, including maternity, paternity and adoption as per requirement of its employees. Besides running pre-natal, lactation consulting, phase back programs, these companies also provide cash benefits and maternity coaching to its professional. This, entirely, makes these companies more women friendly.

Assistance That Enables Professionals To Meet Daily Challenges

Family Health Insurance coverage, personal health insurance, tuition reimbursement, day care services, sponsored care facility, and adoption assistance are among the services that enable professional, especially working women to meet the demands of their routine work. The 100 best companies made the grade at this front, too.

Employee Welfare

As the growth is always at the supreme priority of the organisation, so is for the welfare of professionals. This is because the working professionals are main work force that the growth of any organisation, wholly, depends upon it. The policy makers of 100 best companies have developed a mechanism to address the grievances of employees.


In the days especially when a woman doesn’t feel safe at anyplace outside her house’s premises, there are 100 companies in India where the women professionals only feel safe and secured but also work comfortably. This was found in a study jointly conducted by ‘Working Mother Media’ and AVTAR group. Apart from top 10 best companies for women professionals, the names of other 100 bests companies were announced at award reception program in Mumbai, last year.  The initiative is not less a path breaking effort to encourage gender inclusive policies that these 100 best companies have adopted. Apart from rewarding the companies, these initiatives have set a benchmarks for other companies.

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