Follow these rules to stay away from stalkers

Be smart and careful while dealing with stalkers.

Created On: Jan 8, 2018 19:04 IST
Follow these rules to stay away from stalkers
Follow these rules to stay away from stalkers

There is a dark side of life, where the macabre dance of rejections, deceit, betrayal and narcissism overshadows the sense of purpose and wit. The society has certain rules and living within its boundaries make each one of us civilized, however, when some of us try to break its rules for the sake of egoism, it takes a great toll on us. Some people out there simply can’t take anything that hurts their ego, and try to disrupt the lives of others just for the sake of their vested interest and satisfaction of their inner devilish ego and sense of pride.

There are people who never accept the harsh rejection in love or the defeat in life, and always try to figure out unethical means to achieve their goals. The situation becomes worse, where a person don’t even bother of the consequences that he may face while pursuing wrong ways to satisfy his stupid wants. 

So, if you feel that someone is virtually stalking you or following you for whatever reason it may be, be careful and follow these tips to keep them out of your way:

Talk to your closed ones

If at any point of time you feel that someone is repeatedly stalking you, make sure to talk your close friends, employer or your parents depending upon the situation. Don’t wait for this situation to get over your head, as the stalker might have his plans noted.

Don’t wait to take some firm decision

You and your ex might have been in a wonderful relationship in the past. However, if your ex is stalking you on a regular basis, you should not take it lightly as your ex has lost it all and is not the same as before. Stalking I seriously a psychological disorder, and there are chances that your ex (now a stalker) can go to any extent to harm without thinking of any dire consequences. Therefore, be careful and report this matter. 

Keep things documented

No wonder, you may receive abusive messages, phone calls and social media comments from the one who is stalking you. You need to keep a record of all the things and submit them as an evidence while you go to file a police complaint.

Be careful and learn the art of self-defense

Always carry a pepper spray with you and try to avoid lonely places while travelling alone. Importantly, refrain from stepping into those places where you and your ex use to spend quality time as this may psychologically affect the stalker to harm you in some sense. The point is, avoid travelling at lonely areas alone, and keep your closed ones informed about your location.

Safety comes first

It is a serious matter if you sense that your ex has now become a stalker. In that case, make sure to change the door lock your home and be careful and aware of things happening around you.

Block the stalker

In cases where the stalker is troubling you by calling you or sending you abusive social messages, make sure to block the stalker’s number and also block the stalker from every social networking site you surf.

Be strong

Don’t panic if the stalker is threatening you as every stalker is a psycho, and tries to play mind game with you. In any situation, don’t fall prey to the tricks of a stalker and keep your relatives informed about such instances.

Hope these points will help you to stalkers far away from you. In case, you have something to say, don’t hesitate to write down your feelings in the comment box below. Also, you can share this article around your circle to let your friends know about the tips to keep stalkers away.

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