Green MBA specializations that lets you become an Eco-warrior

Pick a career in Green MBA programmes and celebrate World Environment Day without having to worry about concerns such as ecology, forest cover, environment, global warming and longevity of human life.

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India has secured 177th rank among 180 countries in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 2018 and issues such as ecology, forest cover, environment, global warming and longevity of human life have certainly become a cause of worry for the population of India. Amid such concerns, it is the responsibility of the citizens to ensure that while running for seeking the best jobs, the country and planet shouldn't be left behind. It is World Environment Day and as an MBA aspirant, if you wish to bring meaningful change on the course of planet Earth; then think carefully before you choose your MBA specialisation this year.

Becoming a successful managerial while simultaneously contributing to create a green future can become the hallmark of your personality. While you must be pondering that how an MBA degree can help you become an environmentalist, let's talk about a few niche MBA specializations that will turn your dream into a reality. These specializations carry bright career prospects because they aptly match the requirement of the industry looking for Eco-warriors. MBA aspirants graduating from these domains are looked upon with high hopes. So here is a list of environment-friendly six MBA specializations that can help you become a true eco-warrior and escalate India's ranking on Environmental Performance Index (EPI).

List of environment-friendly six MBA specializations is as under:

  1. MBA in Forest Resource Management
  2. MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. MBA in Energy Management
  4. MBA in Agri Business Management
  5. MBA in Dairy Management
  6. MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Let us take a look at each of these specializations and find out the promising career prospect that makes them unique yet rewarding for an MBA aspirant.

MBA in Forest Resource Management

MBA in this domain deals with the overall economic, administrative, legal and social aspects and technological growth of preserving the forests on plant earth. At present our forests need care and security. India alone acquires around 16% of the world's population and 15 % of world's livestock, with only 2.4 % of the world's land area and 1.7 % of the world's forest stock.

The map below shows the world according to percentage of forest area, as recorded by World Bank Open Data.

With constantly depleting forest cover, the need for more professionals is inevitable to manage this resource and create a bright future to control the temperate of blanket of earth. 

As an MBA your role arises when protection of the environment becomes a far cry for all types of industries. Contemporary organisations require management graduates with specialization in this degree to handle all the factors that go into complying regulations, environment framework, legal tangles etc. and gain approval for new projects and have a sustainable management in order.
Job Prospects: MBA graduates can seek employment in both private as well as government organizations, research, corporations, consulting firms and NGOs. Management degree in environment puts you in good position to leverage your career in this area of work. Some of the job profiles for which you might be working for are: Environmental Planner, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Research Manager, Environment Program Specialist, Environmental Sustainability Analyst, Global Sustainability Director etc.

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MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is another emerging field for the MBA aspirants. It spurted in the 1990s in the business world. The term “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) has been coined to define how companies behave in social, environmental, and ethical contexts. CSR involves integrating the issues of the workplace, the community, and the marketplace into core business strategies. In the recent directives of the government, every organisation is asked to earmark a separate fund for the CSR activities which makes the role of an MBA executive handling CSR department more relevant.

Job Prospects: The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Manager is rapidly evolving due to economic difficulties over the past five years. The mandatory corporate social responsibility mandate has allured nearly 50,000 job openings ready to be filled with deserving candidates. Needless to say, the augmented importance of corporate social responsibility has enhanced the employment opportunities across Indian and multinational industries.

It is a profound area of management and career path with exciting job offers in private and public sectors. The managers in this field are responsible to carry out research, develop policies, build relationships, and generate initiatives, all in favor of community and the respective organization. 

MBA in Agri Business Management

The major proportion of economic activity of Indian economy is still agrarian based. Amid this requirement, an MBA specialization in Agri Business is vital reality of India. This MBA specialization is gaining momentum among various aspirants as it will help in managing companies which process, market, and merchandise agricultural products for consumers. The aspirant must understand the management, marketing, and finance functions with an emphasis on specialized requirements of the agribusiness sector. The course would provide you an overview about:

Job Prospects: As a potential professional manager in Agri Business of India, you would get to work on the following profiles:

  1. Agricultural manager,
  2. Marketing analyst,
  3. Accounting manager,
  4. Bioterrorism consultant and/or
  5. Alternative energy consultant.

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MBA in Energy Management

The power sector is the key driver of our economic growth. It serves as a lifeline of a prosperous civil society and industrial growth and development. It must be noted that amongst the largest energy consumers in the world, India holds 6th position. This indicates an upsurge in the demands of energy to boost 50% over the next 20 years. But to keep the energy sector as one of the booming sectors, factors such as huge investments, energy generation, management, and sustainability are required.

Job Prospects: So, to accumulate the right resources and put them into practice is the role of an MBA executive. As a future manager you will find yourself in any of the below mentioned positions:

MBA in Dairy Management

India is the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products as it accounts for more than 13% of world’s total milk production. With a wide array of milk produce that is generated in India a research states that Indian dairy industry will experience high growth rates in the next eight years with demand expected to reach 200 million tonnes by 2022 from 132 million tonnes in 2013

Milk and milk products that are produced in India can be classified as below:

Job Prospects: With MBA in Dairy Management you can see yourself in some of the popular positions which are highly sought after in this field. They include:

  1. Farm manager
  2. Dairy Farm R&D Manager
  3. Assistant Quality Manager
  4. Biological Science Technician
  5. Agricultural Specialist
  6. Assistant Plant Manager
  7. Agricultural Unit Supervisor
  8. Dairy Quality Manager
  9. Head - Farm Services

MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Oil and Gas is one sector whose demand is always on the high among both commercial and individual users. The daily course of life is dependent on the sustenance of this sector. Considering the demand, it has been projected that oil and gas will grow from 119 MTOE to 250 MTOE during the years from 2004 to 2025. The sector contributes to over 15% of the India’s GDP rendering India to be one of the largest consumers of crude oil and together with China.

Job Prospects: A degree in this domain will enhance your competencies to apply strategic principles of management within the oil and gas industry. Personally, one can gain higher levels of self-confidence and individual strengths, which works as assets for landing a perfect job. After getting that degree of MBA in oil and gas management, here’s where you can land middle and senior management positions at:  

  • Public and private sector companies
  • National and multinational oil and gas production companies
  • Oil and gas exploration companies
  • Oil marketing
  • Power distribution
  • Energy/power infrastructure
  • NGO’s working for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Technical service providers
  • Tertiary sectors such as IT and insurance

So ‘Go Green’ and pursue an environment friendly MBA specialization to create a better tomorrow for mankind and planet Earth! After all the future belongs to the coming generation and we got to save them from the current practises that are creating deterioration at an alarming pace. 

So, on this World Environment Day, take a pledge to make planet earth a safe and sound place to live by pursuing MBA in one of the above mentioned domains. 

Happy MBA Career!

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