School students should master these 11 skills to learn the English language easily

English is the most widely spoken, used, and understood language in the world. In fact, it has become the secondary language in many countries. Here we will help you to master the language following a few tips and tricks.

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English Learning tips
English Learning tips

The English language is no longer a upper class or foreign thing as over the past decades, it has become a necessity to excel in academics as well as professional and social lives. The language has been always been of great importance as a means of communication as the language barrier between the nations have been removed with it's use. But due to certain factors, like the method of primary schooling, linguistic background, family environment, regional influences among others many people are not able to get a good grasp of the language. In India, often the English language is taught at a basic level and vital aspects like vocabulary, tenses, terms, pronunciation, synonyms, grammar etc. are not touched. Read here easy and effective tips to learn the English language -

1. Become a master of English

This might sound good in theory and difficult to achieve, but be assured that by following a few effective tips you can improve your overall command of English language. 

2. Read

Reading English is arguably the best way to get a better feel of the language. Reading will give you a direct contact with the text and after initial setbacks, if there are any, you will indeed enjoy going through the words.

You have to start reading stuff that is written in an easy and effortless way which you are able to understand and identify with ease. Pick up a local newspaper or a magazine that you are most comfortable with. You can even pick up books and novels written for small children. There is simply no need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious!   

3. Write

Take a notebook and a pen, because writing is about what you jot down on the paper in your own writing. Strictly avoid typing as using the machine will kill the very essence of the natural connect. The association between your mind and the words that will flow through your pen will consolidate the foundation. 

Never be hesitant to try out a different approach to writing, for e.g. changing the tense or the setting of the sentence. Use synonyms and correlated words as they will enrich your vocabulary and the arrangement of words and phrases will help in creating better sentences.

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4. Talk

This exercise will help your vocal cords to open up. Also, you will gather the confidence to speak in public and identify your weak areas where you need to work more. Initially, do this when you are alone. The best place to start is the corner of a closed room where your voice will reverberate and you will get an instant response. With time, as you gradually improve, you can move out of the room and talk in open spaces. At public places, you can put this exercise to practical use like at restaurants, malls, elevators, car parking, metro train and other places. 

By talking in English at every opportunity that comes your way, you will grasp the workable part of public speaking which will boost your confidence.

5. Record and playback

Nowadays, affordable and handy Dictaphones and voice recorders are available in the market. Record your voice then playback the recording. Listening to your own voice will let you know the areas that need to be worked upon.

6. Crossword and scrabble

Crossword is a puzzle, and so is scrabble, and both are fun filled and very helpful in learning new words. They are very effective in learning the English language. Get hold of the newspapers and magazines, old or new, and start solving, or let’s say playing. You can also play these games online

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7. Dictionary

A dictionary is a very useful tool to learn the meanings and usage of words and sentence formation. Every time you come across a new word just note it down and when you get your hands on a dictionary, look for the meaning and note it down as well. You can use both hard copies and online dictionaries.

8. Audio/Visual aid

A lot of CDs, DVDs, and online audio/visual aids are available. Pick up the one that is best according to your needs. You can download apps on your smartphones or download free source audio books and videos from the sites that are offering them for free.

9. A word a day

Slow and steady wins the race goes the saying. And it is true for learning a language. Make it a point to pick up one word daily along with its meaning and use it in a sentence. You can start in the alphabetical order or pick up random words that you come across.

10. Strictly avoid SMS lingo

SMS lingo is nt gd 4 ur eng lang trng! This is how the SMS lingo works and we strongly suggest that you avoid it all costs. You must get a good hold on the language and use proper complete sentences, and even after you get a good understanding, avoid using the incomplete words and sentences. 

11. No fear of mistakes

The one who makes efforts is bound to fail. Some of the biggest achievers we know made numerous mistakes but they never gave up. They carried on in their quest with determination and resolve. They succeeded and so can you. You have to have faith in yourself and with perseverance, no one can stop you from being a success. 

Conclusion: With your desire and determination, you can master the art of English language. Though at times you might feel down but you have to pick yourself up. Also, you should not hesitate to discuss with the experts as they will only provide you with valuable feedback.

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