How to deal with a difficult roommate?

Roommates are an almost indispensible part of college life. But some can be quite hard to live with. Learn here how to deal with them without losing your mind.

Created On: Jan 29, 2020 15:21 IST
How to deal with a difficult roommate?
How to deal with a difficult roommate?

Starting college life usually means moving out of your home to live either in a college hostel or as a paying guest somewhere around your college. But no matter where you live, unless you have a large sum of money to spend on your accommodation needs you'd be leaving on sharing basis with at least one roommate. And let's be truthful not all roommates are easy to deal with. The loss of privacy and a constant presence of someone in your life is not an easy thing to adjust with. And if by some evil trick that fate decided to play with you, you happen to be stuck with a bad roommate than you might  as well kiss goodbye to your peace of mind. Dealing with a bad roommate can prove to be quite difficult so much so as to the fact that you might feel like losing your mind. But as they say nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. There are some easy ways to deal with such roommates without much trouble and surely without going insane yourself. Mentioned below are some positive ways in which you can deal with a bad roommate.

Be Direct

If you are tired of dropping subtle hints that lead to no results than it's no use beating around the bush any longer than you already have. It's best to confront your roommate directly on the issue. But this doesn't mean that you go on a full on blowout mode with each other. For sure you might be frustrated and would want to give you roommate a piece of your mind.  But there is no problem that a peaceful talk cannot solve. Be straightforward but not in an insulting manner. Try to reason with them and resolve the issue like mature adults. Chances are that your roommate might not even be aware that his habits are annoying you, and if informed politely you both could come to a mutual compromise.

Keep You Stuff Under Lock

Sometimes over friendly roommates also can prove to be quite difficult to deal with. They can just go on talking even if you are not interested in a single thing they are telling. And the worst thing is you find yourself unable to say no to them even when you desperately want to. They are always clinging to you, borrowing your stuff without permission, leaving you to wonder where the hell is your black jacket only to discover that you roommate has worn it to his date. While dealing with such people it is best to keep your stuff under lock and key. For even if you try and tell them not to use your stuff they will find some or the other the way to talk you out of it or just simply ignore your words. And picking fight with them is of no use for they mean no harm and are just way too friendly for you to handle.

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Join Forces

This methods works only if you are living with more than one roommate. If it's just you and your roommate well, it holds no use for you are completely on your own. However, if you are living with 3 or 4 people then it is quite possible to join forces against a trouble maker. For example, if you all have some designated task and one person isn't following his daily duties. The others can team up against him and confront him to do the work. But that doesn't mean you'd go on to intimidate or terrorize the person. Ask him why isn't he doing his share of work, if there is some relevant reason behind it, support him in any manner you can. But if he isn't doing it for no reason altogether you might as well team up against him.

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Move Out

If nothing else seems to work and things have gotten out of hand the only move you are left with is to move out of that room. Just pack your bags and be on your way or if you live in a college hostel talk to your warden to try and get your roommate changed. For  there are some people who just can't be reasoned with and any time you invest trying to reason with them it's just a waste of your own energy and time. The only thing you'd gain by engaging in a discussion with them is an increase in your stress levels and the loss of your peace of mind. Best to move out, so that both you can live in peace.

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To Conclude

How you deal with a difficult roommate is your choice entirely. There are both positive and negative paths that you can walk down upon. But trying to handle the situation with violence would do nothing but only invite more trouble. It's best to deal with such situations with a calm and peaceful mind. And if you feel things have gone way too far to be reasoned or dealt with just simply pack your bags and leave. Liked this article? You can find more such articles on Also, please share it with your peer and friends. Alternatively, you can also get more such articles on college life directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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