How to setup a blog and earn from it?

Looking to earn some extra pocket money? How about starting your own blog and use it to earn some extra cash?

How to setup a blog and earn from it?
How to setup a blog and earn from it?

College students are always on the lookout for ways to earn some extra pocket money. Most of them opt for freelance work that can be done from anywhere. Thus, freelancing has become a favorite choice among the college students for adding that extra pocket money to their bank accounts. In the recent times, the trend of social media has caught up hugely among the college students. They use it not just for entertainment purposes but also for earning money from social media. The growing number of people making huge earnings from their YouTube videos is a great example of that. 

However, YouTube is not the only way in which you can earn significant money from social media. If you are not into making videos you can consider the option of blogging. Blogging today is on the rise as a lot of people are taking to documenting their experiences and opinions through words. One can easily make fair amount of money from their blog as well. All you need to do is market your blog and target it towards a larger group of audience. If the idea seems appealing  enough to you, here are some tips on how to make a blog and earn money from it.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is a relatively easy process. But, before you decide to create  your own blog you have to decide on the theme for your blog. It is best to start one on the topic of your interest. For example, suppose you are interested in cooking you can start blog for cooking tips and recipes or if you love to travel you can share your experiences from your travels. There are numerous topics to start a blog. You just need to discover what interests you the most and you can start writing about it.

Now that your theme is decided it's time to move towards the process of creating your blog.

Pick a Blogging Platform

Blogging platforms are basically websites that people make use of to create their blogs. Blogger and Wordpress are the two most commonly used blogging platforms. All you need to do is create an id for yourself on one of these platforms and the website will guide you through the process of setting up your blog.

Hosting Your Blog

Platforms like Blogger, Wordpress etc. offer you both free and paid versions for making your blogging site. However, the free versions have a limited amount of services and not many functions are available in it. You can also self host your website with a lot of web hosting companies available online. For a minimal yearly fee, you can buy hosting  from such company websites.

Decide upon a name for your blog

Picking up the right name for your blog is very crucial. Think of your blog as not just a website but as a brand. The name that you finalize upon should reflect the theme and content on your blog. Try to make it short, attractive and easy to remember. You can check for the name availability on domain buying websites and always prefer buying the '.com, .org or .net' domain names.  

Choose the blog designs

Once you have set up your blog and gotten your admin credentials go to your admin dashboard to customize the look of your blog as per your preference. There are a lot of preset themes and designs on platforms like wordpress and blogger that you can choose from.

Post relevant content on your blog

Now that you are all set up with your blog it's time to start posting content on it. Always remember the 'content is the key' to making your blog successful. Make sure that you post relevant content, that is useful to your users. Try to maintain a certain routine or frequency with the number of articles that you post on the blog. When aim to make money from your blog you'd need to market it and the content that you post on it is of utmost importance.

How to make money from your blog?

The first and the foremost thing when you think of making money from your blog is to post relevant and useful content on it. Then you move on to looking for ways to earning money from your blog. The easiest ways for students to make money from the blog are discussed below. 

Advertising Income

This is where most bloggers begin their journey of making money from their blogs. This model of making money from your blogs is very similar to that of how a magazine or newspaper sells ads. Once you have a decent enough and steady user traffic on your website you will grow as a brand and advertisers will pay you to publish their ads on your site to get their products exposed to your audience. Alternatively, you could also make use of ad networks like Google Ad Sense to publish ads on your website. They act like a broker between you and the advertiser and the processes involved are much more hassle free.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income methods are where you link a product that you are quoting that is for sale on another website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. If a user clicks on the link and ends up buying the product you earn a certain amount of commission on the product as specified by the website. This model however works good only when you have a large  audience and the product you showcase is relevant to majority of your user base.

Offering Services

A lot of bloggers today have made their blog as a forefront for selling various services to their readers. These services vary from coaching and consulting to proofreading, copywriting, designing and many other freelance activities. The blogs act as personal online portfolios for such people. It helps them showcase their talent to the employers while earning quite an appreciation for their from peers in a similar field of work.

So, set up your blog and market it properly on relevant channels. Focus on increasing your user base. Once you have a decent enough audience you can start your journey of making money from your blogs.  

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