How to Study for an Upcoming Exam to get the Best Result?

In this artice you will get 5 most effective and important tips to get prepared for an approaching exam. Here, you will learn the techniques to take an exam in the best way to get optimum scores. These tips and techniques will help to maintain a positive attitude to ace the exam

Exam Preparation Tips
Exam Preparation Tips

In the month of March, students will be taking some important exams of their life. Pressure of board exams and entrance exams is enough to instill fear and anxiety in the minds. This fear and stress can adversely affect your exam preparations by reducing your focus and learning power. Such critical situation needs to be handled with proper guideline and building good study skills. Such effective skills inculcated in early state of your schooling career will prove to be helpful throughout your life.

Given below are some tricks to face an approaching exam in a way to deliver your best and get a desired result:

1. Organise all the requisite material

Most exams cover specific subjects and topics. So, the first most important step while preparing for an exam is to know and collect the material or components you need to study. Otherwise, you may lose your precious time in studying useless stuff. Ask your teachers and seniors about the subjects you'll be tested on and which chapters you need to cover. For example, which theorems have greater chances to be asked in board exams and what kind of questions to be prepared for the entrance exams? No one can guide you better than your teachers as they have an age long experience.

Exams usually cover a few core ideas and concepts. So, while preparing for it, cover the most important topics first. This will help you get ensured to attempt a good portion of the exam paper and secure some important marks. Review the parts and highlighted topics in textbooks which your teacher stressed repeatedly in the classroom.  

Must know these 5 best tips to prepare a competitive exam effectively

2. Take notes and ask questions

Days before the exam are usually for review, when you can pinpoint the topics or questions which you find tough or doubtful while revising your notes. Note down all such questions and ask your teacher either during class or during office hours. Never hesitate to approach your teachers for help as they too want you get all prepared for the exam and get the best result which would make them proud of their teachings.

Approaching your teacher to clear all doubts and ask questions would actually mean that you're actively paying attention to your studies. Moreover, learning a question ahead of time could mean a better grade in the exam.

3. Organize yourself for the exam

A day before the exam, organize all what you need for it. Find out your admit card, check out the examination centre and its location. Check the time by which you need to reach the examination hall and calculate the estimated travel time from your home to the exam centre so that you can leave for the location well on time. Prepare a kit of all the requisites like 2 pens, a pencil, eraser, scale, or anything else which you are allowed to take inside the examination hall.

Most importantly, do not forget to take your admit card as you would not be allowed to enter the examination hall without it. The more orgsanised you are, the calmer you will be, and the more likely you will do well in the exam.

4. Get enough sleep before the big day

It’s quite important to get a proper sleep before the exam as it would help to keep you fresh and sustain all the learnings. Without a good and sound sleep, your chances of doing well in the exam will quickly reduce because your brain would not be able to focus and recall the things. Do not alter your sleeping patterns, otherwise you may be troubled in getting a good sleep which may lead to insomnia. Lack of proper sleep reduces your concentration power which adversely affects your learning ability. So, go to sleep at your regular time in order to keep your sleeping patterns regular.

Turn up your alarm clock, so that you don’t over sleep and make a hasty start of the big day. Make sure you had enough sleep to keep yourself fresh and mentally calm and focused.

Effective tips to deal with exam fear and excel in board exams

5. It’s the time to get, set and go

Get up early in the morning. If you have time, you may revise the important topics or those which you think are tough and need to be recalled. Then, get ready. Do not get out with empty stomach. Take a glass of milk with some light meal. After that leave for the examination centre and try to arrive on time or even a few minutes earlier. Arriving early will be better if you need to fulfill some pre-exam formalities like registration, identification, etc.

Keep a positive attitude. Besides all your preparation for an exam, confidence is the key to actually ace it. Don't just aim to pass the exam instead aim to get the highest marks.

Implementing all the tips and suggestions stated above will help to prepare more effectively and maintain a confident attitude, ultimately helping you to grab a score beyond your expectations.

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